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  76 months ago

If you have children, how did you come about naming them? Did you both agree on names?

I know my (now) ex and I could not agree on First names. We did not know the sex of our child (now 12) but agreed on Middle names for both a boy and a girl. Even had Name books packed in hospital bags! When she was born and I first held her & I knew then, looked at her father and said "Chelsea" He nodded and that was it. My pic is of myself and Chels.


  75 months ago
Great topic, disie. I'm sure we've all had fun in participating in posts for this topic.


  76 months ago
When we were having our children we had three names picked out so when they arrived into the world we looked at them and chose the relevant name we thought would suit them.....


  76 months ago
I have 2 children a boy first then a girl.We had picked both a girls and boys name both times. We agreed on both first and middle names.The first one a son Matthew Vincent was perfect and the daughter Rebecca Jayne was also perfect,the other names were James Francis and Emma Kate.


  76 months ago
I would never ever pick names for our children again (if I were to have any more). Each time the child didn't resemble the name we had picked and we decided on very different names when we saw them. i.e. the first Timothy Brian became David James and so with the whole four of them.


  76 months ago
Some parents should not be parents because of the names they have given their children. Don't forget what you name them when they are born they will have it for the rest of their lives unless they change it legally when they are allowed to. Spelling is another thing also. If you give them a name at least give it a normal spelling because remember they will have to spell it out for the rest of their lives and don't get me started on the stupid names I have heard also.
I could go on forever about this but I will stop.
I don't have kids yet but when I do I will be giving them normal names and also definitely normal spelling.
Also if you are pregnant and deciding on names etc. Keep your choices to yourself until the actual child is in the world. As I know of three occasions where either family members or friends have been pregnant and have shared choice of names with others who have also been pregnant and the others have gotten in first and used that name. So my family or friends have had to choose other names.


  76 months ago
I think a similar occurrence happened when my boys were born, we discussed names and my wife spoke and I nodded.... My name became 1st sons middle name.... 2nd son was named after father in law. and my father became middle name, a modern version.... 3rd was to be a girl, my wife would not have any discussion on boys names, when I arrived at the hospital after a son was born once more, my wife like you told me the male version of her 2 names, and I nodded.... 4th son got 3 names, that was decided by throwing names in the ring and picking a good combination, my wife picked 2 and I added the third with a nod.... My first grand son has his fathers name as middle name, and my 2nd grand son has my name as his middle name.... This way our names will live on for a couple of generations....


  76 months ago
I have no children, and do not want any hehe.

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