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  77 months ago

Toluna Storytelling (AU)

There once was a.......

In the comments, finish the story with the:
What, where, when, why and how, plus an ending.

Post your story by 30th April and receive a 500 point rank-up bonus for joining in!*

But wait, there’s more! We don’t want to hog all the action, so we’re inviting you to create your own story too.

1) Create your own Topic between 11th-30th April, with the title “Storytelling Game”**.

2) In the body of your topic say – “Keep the story going!” And post the first line of your tale.

3) Then, get your friends and the community to join in with the next sentence. You’ll earn a 1,000 point bonus for participating, and the member with the longest story will win an additional 15,000 points!

Good luck and have fun!

The Toluna Team

Promotion Rules: Open to Australian members only. Posts must not contain any language or image that is obscene, insulting, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, untrue, misleading or invasive of someone else’s privacy. Toluna reserves the right to review all posts for content, and withhold bonus points from any user violating the rules mentioned above. Violation of these rules, and/or the Toluna Member Code of Conduct may result in the closure of your Toluna account.

*TolunaTeam – Toluna Storytelling: Limit one opinion per member on the TolunaTeam topic. Members will earn a 500 point rank-up bonus for their submission to the Toluna Storytelling topic. Post one sentence between 11th-30th April.

**Storytelling Game: Limit one topic created per member. The topic’s title must begin with “Storytelling Game” to be officially entered, and must be created no later than 30th April, 2016. Members will receive 1,000 points for creating their topic, via rank-up OR external credit. The member with the most opinions posted on their topic will receive an additional 15,000 points via external credit to their Toluna account.

Bonus points for both portions of the promotion will be awarded to winners by 9PM AEST, on Friday 6th May 2016, and will be uploaded directly to user’s accounts.


  76 months ago
Once there was a woman who couldn't help herself,she had a problem with caring for children.If any child had a problem or nowhere to live she would offer a bed to stay until they had a home .Saftey for children was her most important thing on her mind .Never did she turn away a child ,but her Husband wanted to,travel but the woman kept offering help to children they never got a chance .Ths is a true story as its me ,I can't see a child be alone or scared ,hungry or in distress .Ive raised my children ,now we caring for our grandkids & any child that needs me .We need to care as there our future .


  77 months ago
There once was a planet. Home. Went by the name of ‘Earth’. Despite our intentions – some say ‘advancement’ - we out-grew Home, hardly ever stopping to think of its welfare. The old place fell into disrepair. There wasn’t even potential or impetus for ‘Renovator’s Delight’. Home went under the Hammer. Big time. So did we…
…Chronicles of the Fallen, Earth, 2093.


  77 months ago
There once was a girl who went to pick some berries in the forest. She did this on a Tuesday for her grandmother. She walked into the forest and wandered so far she got lost. When it got dark she didn't know what to do and sat down to cry. All of a sudden her mother appeared and carried her home, where they all had berry pie.


  77 months ago
A father had two sons. The younger, when asked by his father what he would like to learn to support himself, said he would like to learn to shudder. A sexton told the father that he could teach the boy. After teaching him to ring the church bell, he sent him one midnight to ring it and came after him, dressed as a ghost. The boy demanded an explanation. When the sexton did not answer, the boy, unafraid, pushed him down the stairs, breaking his leg
His horrified father turned him out of house, so the boy set out to learn how to shudder. He complained whenever he could, "If only I could shudder!" One man advised him to stay the night beneath the gallows, where seven hanged men were still hanging. He did so, and set a fire for the night. When the hanged bodies shook in the wind, he thought they must be cold. He cut them down and sat them close to his fire, but they did not stir even when their clothing caught on fire. The boy, annoyed at their carelessness, hung them back up in the gallows.
After the incident at the gallows, he began traveling with a waggoner. When one night they arrived at an inn, the inn-keeper told him that if he wanted to know how to shudder, he should visit the haunted castle nearby. If he could manage to stay there for three nights in a row, he could learn how to shudder, as well as win the king's daughter and all of the rich treasures of the castle. Many men had tried, but none had succeeded.
The boy accepted the challenge and went to the king. The king agreed, and told him that he may bring with him three non-living things into the castle. The boy asked for a fire, a lathe, and a cutting board with a knife.
The first night, as the boy sat in his room, two voices from the corner of the room moaned into the night, complaining about the cold. The boy, unafraid, claimed that the owners of the voices were stupid not to warm themselves with the fire. Suddenly, two black cats jumped out of the corner and, seeing the calm boy, proposed a card game. The boy tricked the cats and trapped them with the cutting board and knife. Black cats and dogs emerged from every patch of darkness in the room, and the boy fought and killed each of them with his knife. Then, from the darkness, a bed appeared. He lay down on it, preparing for sleep, but it began walking all over the castle. Still unafraid, the boy urged it to go faster. The bed turned upside down on him, but the boy, unfazed, just tossed the bed aside and slept next to the fire until morning
As the boy settled in for his second night in the castle, half of a man fell down the chimney. The boy, again unafraid, shouted up the chimney that the other half was needed. The other half, hearing the boy, fell from the chimney and reunited with the rest. More men followed with human skulls and dead men's legs with which to play nine-pins. The amused boy shaped the skulls into better balls with his lathe and joined the men until midnight, when they vanished into thin air.
On his third and final night in the castle, the boy heard a strange noise. Six men entered his room, carrying a coffin. The boy, unafraid but distraught, believed the body to be his own dead cousin. As he tried to warm the body, it came back to life, and, confusedly, threatened to strangle him. The boy, angry at his ingratitude, closed the coffin on top of the man again. An old man hearing the noise came to see the boy. He visited with him, bragging that he could knock an anvil straight to the ground. The old man brought him to the basement and, while showing the boy his trick, the boy split the anvil and trapped the old man's beard in it, and then proceeded to beat the man with an iron rod. The man, desperate for mercy, showed the boy all of the treasures in the castle.
The following morning, the king told the boy that he could win his lovely daughter. The boy agreed, though upset that he had still not learned how to shudder.
After their wedding, the boy's continuing complaints annoyed his wife to no end. Reaching her wits' end, she sent for a bucketful of stream water, complete with gudgeons. She tossed the freezing water onto her husband while he was asleep. As he awoke, shuddering, he exclaimed that while he had finally learned to shudder, he still did not know what true fear was.


  77 months ago
There once was a time when she filled her days with cooking and cleaning, and doing the school run being a mum. But when the kids flew the coup, she wondered how she'd fill her days. Then she entered a competition to win a movie pass... and she won! How easy was that she thought, and so she entered again and again she won! She went on from movie passes to DVDs, concert tickets and appliances. Soon it was bigger and better like weekends away, interstate trips and the ultimate... trips overseas! It seemed she'd found her niche and an outlet for her enthusiasm and creativity. To date she has amassed a haul of prizes and cash and what started as an "interest and bit of fun", has become a full-time occupation. My wife, the competition queen!


  77 months ago
What is going on here? I see that but when did it begin?Just how did you know ? that was supposed to be a secret. Why did you tell everyone?


  77 months ago
First day on a new job location. Driving down a strange road, a clear day, no clouds, yet a full rainbow appears . keep the story going?


  77 months ago
Story telling game
Keep the story going.
Gold, a shiny metal that lures women for its beauty, and greedy men for its value, and it was my downfall.


  77 months ago
"There once was a... girl who met a boy at a party. They hit it off and he offered to drive her home after the party. But before he did and while the night was still relatively young... he fell asleep on her! Maybe he 'd had a rough day and was tired she thought and gave him the benefit of the doubt. He did eventually drive her home that night, and many more nights after that! Soon they were going steady, then got engaged and eventually married... all within 18 months of meeting at that party! Their wedding day was memorable, their wedding night more so... yep, he fell asleep on her again! Today they have been married for 37 years, have two children and four grandchildren and live a wonderful life full of love, fun and laughter and wouldn't change a thing... and yes, he still falls asleep on me!


  77 months ago
IN a land not to far away there was a boy named CRAKA ,now Craka was no ordinary boy ,he was different to the other boys and they used to tease craka for being different all because craka couldnt stop some words coming out it didnt matter how hard he tryd he just couldnt stop them ,sometimes the words were rude or naughty to say but craker just couldnt help it,his older brother though it was funny but didnt like the oher kids teasing craker ,and would allways defend his little brother ,no just because he was his litlle brother or because he knew what the kids were doing was wrong . Craka was also his friend .one day on Crakas 9th birthday Craka got a baby lamb as a present he thought he was so cute with a black head and white body ,and although he had part of his ear missing Craka loved him with all his heart ,he also helped craka change too ...part 2 later ..CRAKA meets JENNY. at first kick in the nuts.
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