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  51 months ago

What's Your Opinion (AU): Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our previous "What's Your Opinion" topic. You have all provided interesting and inspirational comments. Here are the members who have won 3,000 bonus points! (Points will be credited within 7 days)


Now, let's move on the next topic!

How does it work? Write a quality opinion/comment on this topic and we will choose 3 random winners to win 3,000 points each! (No need to post your own Topic)

Our question this week is: Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?

Ground Rules: Open to AU and NZ members only. Each week, the TolunaTeamAUNZ will create a topic on the AU and NZ sites regarding a specific theme, and ask members to provide their opinion. Three winners will be selected from each Australia and New Zealand to win 3,000 points. Winners will be chosen at random from all eligible posts. Eligible posts must be in compliance with the Toluna Member Code of Conduct. Winners will be announced within 1 week from launch of Topic, and bonus points credited to member accounts via direct credit.


  51 months ago
I would rather not choose in this instance. My memories and experiences make me who I am. I would not want to lose these. However, I have so many more memories to make and experiences to come.


  51 months ago
i would much prefer to lose old memories. as most of them i wish i could forget as it is. (not all though). i believe i have wonderful memories to be made in the future seeing my daughter grow up


  51 months ago
Too hard I would like to be able to keep both the old ones and still make new ones as well. But if I had to choose I would say never to make new memories. At least I would still have the old memories no one can ever take those away from me.


  51 months ago
I don't know here I'm at an age where I can't remember what I did last week sometimes but can remember what happened years ago more clearly than what I did last Monday week ago.
Now I know, or at least I hope, I'm not heading for Alzheimers but only suffering from a Seniors moment now and again.
I'm all for making new memories as long as I can remember them in the future. As for the old ones, can I just loose selected ones instead off all off them.


  51 months ago
It's hard choice to select ....No Comment :-)) LOL


  51 months ago
That's easy. Definitely rather keep my old memories. At my age I mightn't have too many new ones to worry about. LOL


  51 months ago
I`d rather the option of "never to make new ones " - My old memories are TOO valuable - they sustain me,they make me happy,they make me laugh,they make me cry,they give me reason to go on,they give focus,they give me balance,they give me passion,they give me pride,they give me the gift of compassion,they give me the gift of understanding,they give me the gift of forgiveness,MOST of all they give me the gift of love. How could i possibly give them up?


  51 months ago
Toluna ,Topic Memories. I would rather remember old memories and forget about new ones. My new ones include death of parents, drug addicted family members. And a SIDS death of a beautiful son of a family member. Toluna I think you should start thinking about the topics you post as many are very painful. Maybe the next dozen should be fun and not as painful as this.


  51 months ago
Am I allowed to alternate between the two? One day forget the past and the next day forget the present?

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