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  66 months ago

What's Your Opinion (AU): How do you define beauty?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our previous "What's Your Opinion" topic. You have all provided interesting and thought provoking comments. Here are the members who have won 3,000 bonus points! (Points will be credited within 7 days)


Now, let's move on the next topic!

How does it work? Write a quality opinion/comment on this topic and we will choose 3 random winners to win 3,000 points each! (No need to post your own Topic)

Our question this week is: How do you define beauty?

Ground Rules: Open to AU and NZ members only. Each week, the TolunaTeamAUNZ will create a topic on the AU and NZ sites regarding a specific theme, and ask members to provide their opinion. Three winners will be selected from each Australia and New Zealand to win 3,000 points. Winners will be chosen at random from all eligible posts. Eligible posts must be in compliance with the Toluna Member Code of Conduct. Winners will be announced within 1 week from launch of Topic, and bonus points credited to member accounts via direct credit.


  66 months ago
Beauty for me is anything that wonderfully stimulate and excites my senses. It can something I see, hear, feel, smell and taste, singly or in combination.


  66 months ago
Perfect in its own way


  66 months ago
beauty come from the heart it doesnt matter what u look like it's whats inside that counts most is the inner beauty and that's what i see in any person no matter what they look like


  66 months ago
Beauty is all around us, in nature and in nurture. A small child, a fragrant flower, a cheeky animal or a powerful one, a sleek porpoise in the ocean or a sea urchin delicately walking along the rocks. As far as most humans are concerned I believe that beauty comes from within - if you are happy and contented with yourself, then your smile will radiate this happiness and your words will bring comfort to others. Thus is my definition of 'Beauty'.


  66 months ago
Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. Every single person is beautiful and unique in their own special way. Your personality also helps with your beauty and never change for anyone. Its simply not worth it.


  66 months ago
As the old saying goes...."beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
We all envision different things as beautiful.
Nature is a wonderment and spectacularly beautiful.
We should drink in our surroundings everyday and aspire to acquire more knowledge and experiences with every day that passes to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us in many simple everyday sights, sounds and life experiences.
Even in some of the things that some see as ugly there is Crazykitty Saturday snap of a bird of prey with its kill. To some this may be distressing and cause them to be look away and to others this is nature at its best and they appreciate that this bird had to kill to live and feed its young and the skills it required to do that. It is what you see and interpret in your own mind that defines beauty in your perception.


  66 months ago
Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing. In humankind, a person's character is more important than how they look; the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. The beauty of creation, however, is an evidence of the existence of God, our Great Creator.


  66 months ago
Beauty is everywhere. In the face of a loved one, the delicacy of a flower, a pets love, the blue of the sky, the ocean in all its moods. Beauty can be just in a gentle word or touch when one is in need of some thoughtfulness.


  66 months ago
Beauty is the joy of living..touching...smelling ..tasting..Life..trying to see the good in everyone..everything..and not judge people..until you've walked a mile in there shoes..that is beauty & of course friendship & love..


  66 months ago
Beauty to me has to come from within, not just something good to look at. Poko's antics makes his beauty show from within, even that he is still a cute dog
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