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  50 months ago

What's Your Opinion (AU): Do you think technology has a positive or negative impact on the world and why?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our previous "What's Your Opinion" topic. You have all provided some interesting opinions. Here are the members who have won 3,000 bonus points! (Points will be credited within 7 days)


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Our question this week is: Do you think technology has a positive or negative impact on the world and why?

Ground Rules: Open to AU and NZ members only. Each week, the TolunaTeamAUNZ will create a topic on the AU and NZ sites regarding a specific theme, and ask members to provide their opinion. Three winners will be selected from each Australia and New Zealand to win 3,000 points. Winners will be chosen at random from all eligible posts. Eligible posts must be in compliance with the Toluna Member Code of Conduct. Winners will be announced within 1 week from launch of Topic, and bonus points credited to member accounts via direct credit.


  50 months ago
I think as technology grows its going to make life simple but at a cost. We will think less frequently to have to solve complex problems without the use of technology that would help us. I find that as the years go by students are finding it hard to just do basic mathematics due to the use of mobile phones as their calculators. on the world entirely i find more and more people with messy handwriting and the inability to spell words that would seem easy for us. The Spellchecker program and the use of not being able to write with pen and paper anymore is killing the way we do things back in the day. Schools now want students to have a working tablet so they can do their work on them and just the inability to write free flowing sentences with your hands has become a thing of the past for some. Quite sad, i know technology will make our lives easier but it comes at a great loss to our future.


  50 months ago
Technology has a positive contribution to our world but it must be harnessed, and controlled to obtained its maximum benefits so that it becomes an essential part of our life and well-being


  50 months ago
As with everything, both positives and negatives. Video killed the radio star! Each generation has its challenges with different technologies. But technilogy has enabled great advances in many fields. One issue I see is social media causing some to be less socially interactive in person. When I see families all on their phones at dinner, not talking it's a shame. But, technology also allows us to stay in closer contact with loved ones that are far away. I would like to think that the positives outweigh the negatives.


  50 months ago
There are positive & negatives affects of technology. In one case information is rewarding but can also be damaging. Technology can cure illnesses but in other cases it can make you ill.


  50 months ago
I think technology is a time saver. Set and forget means we can multi-task. Less effort and exertion is also a bonus. Besides the obvious breakthroughs in science and medicine, technology has given us access to more entertainment and provided comfort to those in isolation.


  50 months ago
Technology has both a positive and negative influence. It would be good if we could make better use of the positive aspects :-)


  50 months ago
Technology has both a positive and negative impact on the world, its makes things more accessible and easier to achieve, both for the good and bad. Overall if used right though it is positive


  50 months ago
technology has made a positive impact on the world in the way that it has advanced our society & capabilities, however it has a negative impact in the sense it is abused for terrible purposes & antisocial behaviour.


  50 months ago
Both positive & Negative. Positive as it gets things done quicker, its simple, assists in managing and organising stuffs. Negative as people tend to spend more time with it rather than socialise.


  50 months ago
Once apon a time there was a huge outcry with thousands protesting in the streets; bricks were thrown and the doom and gloom merchants said the world was going to end. What was the cause? The introduction of the mechanised harvester in the 1880s.
Today's technology is having the same effect. Robots are taking the place of thousands of workers. Unlike previous times, those workers are not needed for the war machine and many are still idle.
Provided politicians bite the bullet and put a tax on robots to fund a universal income, all should be well. But will they?
Overall, I think technology does advance civilisations, but at what cost to the individual?
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