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  36 months ago

What's Your Opinion (AU): Do you think technology has a positive or negative impact on the world and why?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our previous "What's Your Opinion" topic. You have all provided some interesting opinions. Here are the members who have won 3,000 bonus points! (Points will be credited within 7 days)


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Our question this week is: Do you think technology has a positive or negative impact on the world and why?

Ground Rules: Open to AU and NZ members only. Each week, the TolunaTeamAUNZ will create a topic on the AU and NZ sites regarding a specific theme, and ask members to provide their opinion. Three winners will be selected from each Australia and New Zealand to win 3,000 points. Winners will be chosen at random from all eligible posts. Eligible posts must be in compliance with the Toluna Member Code of Conduct. Winners will be announced within 1 week from launch of Topic, and bonus points credited to member accounts via direct credit.


  35 months ago
love technology makes my life so much easier specially paying for bills no more queing.....yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  35 months ago
Both. In terms of efficiency and productivity, technology has had a positive influence (when it's used/working properly) but socially definately a negative one. People have lost the ability to communicate with each other and form connections on a human level. It perpetuates vainess and a reliance on social media for validation.


  35 months ago
i feel technology plays with people minds. People have forgotten how to use their own brain power in most certain decisions that are happening around the world. Technology should be used for extending people brain skills not to run,control and decide peoples own ideas. overall technology should be used for main purposes that need to be used and bring back old fashioned values for people to communicate from their heart and mind not from technology input.


  35 months ago
There has been an abundance of useful and beneficial technological advances in the last 30 years... It has improved a lot of aspects of our lives but at great expense! Too much too fast is my opinion.


  35 months ago
negative, people don't know how to communicate with people one on one anymore, it could have been a great tool for people but they rely far too much on it now and I it were to be taken away tomorrow, a lot, if not the majority of people would literally not know what to do or how to do anything


  35 months ago
that's for sure first hand I have experienced the bullying of my granddaughter to the point the poor child took her own life.


  35 months ago
This is not a happy, light subject, but it is of crucial importance.
If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said it's a balance of positive and negative. Today I'm leaning much more towards the negative.
Why? I watched "CyberHate with Tara Moss". This documentary reveals the shocking extent of online bullying, including threats of sexual violence towards women, threatening to kill a person's spouse and children, sending women violent pornography, and sending hateful comments which encourage people to commit suicide.
I was shocked to learn that these "trolls" aren't just idiots sitting alone at a keyboard. Not any more. They have now actually organized into groups. They do their research and work together so they can do terrible things such as send a woman violent pornography on the day of her father's funeral. Their sole purpose is to make life miserable.
These actions are only possible because modern technology is fast and it offers easy anonymity. These cowards would never walk up to someone in the street and engage directly with them.
So, although technology offers us wonderful opportunities, it has a dark side which is rapidly growing.


  35 months ago
Mainly negative. Our lives have become simpler but the methods of making it simpler have made us mentally, intellectually and physically lazier plus totally dependent on technology. Skills have been quickly lost. Privacy eroded. Social interactions changed for the worse. As much as it has allowed positives like medical knowledge to flourish it has also allowed for the rapid spread of terror related content and ideas.


  35 months ago
I think technology has a positive impact on today's world. Mostly in the way that it helps a lot of people to have a better quality of life. Where before technology they might never have been able to do things, and now that now they can do with this technology.


  35 months ago
Whilst technology is brilliant I believe too much new technology will negate everyday capabilities of thinking & organising skills we are created to use. What happens when your phone dies/disappears; there goes your diary...your computer dies & you have to replace it takes a while to set it all up & too bad if you didnt back up!!! Just a few examples. Whilst google is a great advantage !!! Everything in moderation. Also how many jobs are being lost & elderly people not technologically savvy are being disadvantaged by not having internet or being in the know. always the key!!!
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