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  54 months ago

What's Your Opinion (AU): What did you love most about the place where you grew up, and why?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our previous "What's Your Opinion" topic. You have all provided some interesting opinions. Here are the members who have won 3,000 bonus points! (Points will be credited within 7 days)


Now, let's move on the next topic!

How does it work? Write a quality opinion/comment on this topic and we will choose 3 random winners to win 3,000 points each! (No need to post your own Topic)

Our question this week is: What did you love most about the place where you grew up, and why?

Ground Rules: Open to AU and NZ members only. Each week, the TolunaTeamAUNZ will create a topic on the AU and NZ sites regarding a specific theme, and ask members to provide their opinion. Three winners will be selected from each Australia and New Zealand to win 3,000 points. Winners will be chosen at random from all eligible posts. Eligible posts must be in compliance with the Toluna Member Code of Conduct. Winners will be announced within 2 weeks from launch of Topic, and bonus points credited to member accounts via direct credit.


  54 months ago
I lived in a neighbourhood full of kids my own age. We lived close to schools, shops and parks. It was a different time where people didn't lock their doors, kids were safe playing on the street and neighbours looked out for each other. Most of my mates had bikes and we rode all over the place enjoying being outside, discovering places and just being kids!


  54 months ago
the bay window


  54 months ago


  54 months ago
I was raised in a tropical paradise amongst Birds of Paradise, Tree Kangaroos, highland mist, plumes and arrows giggling pikaninies and t being carried in bilums on the mums backs. At festivals we would join in the chants to the drums and bouncing beat of black bodies in unison echoing the resounding noises across the deep Valleys and rolling Savanna grassland hillocks, of the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. These were the childhood joys and fond memories of my upbringing in the wilds of the Pacific Islands of Papua New Guinea.


  54 months ago
I was dragged up in SW London during the 50's . Our house was a four story victorian place that my father was restoring to its old elegance. My favorite pass time was to sit in the huge bay windows and watch what went on in the park that we overlooked and onto the street that was always full of life, especially early morning when the costermongers would head to the nearby markets. I learnt how to use my imagination through those windows. In fact my mantra as a teenager became " keep passing the open windows" taken from the book . The Hotel New Hampshire. We came to Australia in the 70's and my life took on a complete turn in direction, yet I still love to look out of windows if a view is available. happy Trails.


  54 months ago
I was very lucky.


  54 months ago
I grew up in an industrial town in Northern England, in the late 1940's and 1950's. It was a place where everyone knew, all of the families who lived in their street, and the street was their playground. Nobody had more than anyone else, so all the kids played in the street. It was great to see the kids happily playing Hopscotch, Skipping Rope, Cricket or Football and other games until it went dark. The streets where traffic free, and abuzz with the noise of sqealing children, until their parents called them, to come home for a bath, and get ready for bed. These were days of absolute bliss, where all of the kids played together, as one big family, and they had the feeling of belonging. This all changed in the late 1950's when that "monster" Television arrived, and it all disappeared, but I would not swap my childhood for any other persons childhood before or since.


  54 months ago
I grew up semi rural. We rode our bikes at all hours with our friends. Small community and everyone knew everyone. No internet in those days and we explored our surroundings. Maybe I didn't at the time, but now I appreciate the beauty of where I grew up, the safety and the family I had around me. I love that we grew up there around the waterfalls cows and gravel roads. We had such freedom then and didn't know we had it!


  54 months ago
I grew up on a farm in south west WA. We spent heaps of time out doors. My friends and I go horse riding, or muck around in the river. It was an amazing childhood!


  54 months ago
I grew up in suburban Sydney, but my home was surrounded by bushland so it was quiet and peaceful. I would see all sorts of native animals and the most memorable was a baby echidna in the driveway. It's a shame my mum no longer felt safe living there on her own, some 30 years later. But, we're now renovating the house so another family can enjoy it.
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