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  48 months ago

Concerned about Smartphones and their use while driving?

The advent of the smartphone has made a huge impact on society. Many people are so addicted, that they admit to looking at them tons of times a day.
Do you have to use them first, and then last thing in day, and lose a lot of sleep because of it?

I wonder about the social isolation and what it's doing to new generations of people? Psychologists are finding that children are missing out emotionally with parents sitting on phones and other tech devices.
Conversations at the table and going out to eat are often taken over with smartphone use. Have you sat at a table while a friend or family member chats away on their phone?

My worst train journey ever, was when a foreign man next to me, got a call. From my home stn. to the city, he spoke loudly into the phone in his own language, less than a foot from my ear - 40+ mins!

I saw a funny TV clip of a woman walking into a shopping centre, looking at her phone. She keeps on going until she falls into a pond! lol :)
However, it's not so funny if people cross roads in the city, not looking up from them, is it? They're even having to put up warning signs now!

The worst is people driving and texting, or speaking on smartphones! Ask any truck driver how many people they see using them, looking down from their cabins. Their rigs weigh so many tons - it's almost impossible to avoid accidents because of stupid phone use!

Our ABC TV in Oz, did a documentary of 5 different people who use their phone while driving. The fact that they think it's okay and disregard the safety of the public is dreadful. The stupidy of it is shocking!:

Worse still, is in the USA (17/4/17) a company called Zendrive's findings:
"A new study indicates that damn near everybody uses their phone while behind the wheel, damn near all the time.
Using sensor data from more than 3 mill drivers & 5.6 bill miles of trips, driving analytics company 'Zendrive', found drivers using their phones on 88% of journeys! The average driver spends 3.5 mins on the phone per 1hr trip, a stat that's worse when you realize just a 2-second distraction increases your risk of crashing by 20%".

They also found millennials use their phones behind the wheel more often than other age groups too, but maybe are more willing to admit it. The article also states that left up to people, it seems the only non-dangerous driving will be the introduction of driverless cars, because driver's don't get that using 2 tons of car & being distracted by a phone is so life threatening!

If they don't worry about themselves, then what about families with children and babies that are being put in danger by being distracted with their phones?

*The USA Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates nearly 3,500 people died in distraction-related crashes in 2015, and fears the problem may be worsening.

This is a global problem - what will it take for people to realise that in those seconds of distraction, they have no control of a dangerous weapon, their car?


  14 months ago
Yes Reply


  40 months ago
Its not advisable texting while on driving. May cause you trouble. Reply


  45 months ago
It's illegal in a lot of countries now to be on a phone while driving. Reply


  48 months ago
Cell phones should have a built in sensor that disables the phone while driving. Reply


  48 months ago
People are just hooked on them Reply


  48 months ago
Definitely alarming, a lot still don't get it. Reply


  48 months ago
I’m all for technology but there are pros and cons to everything. We can’t really appreciate what’s around us as in sites, sounds smells because these kind of technologies make us a a society or race numb to perceiving anything physical or even mental at best. Reply


  48 months ago
It is dangerous to use your phone while driving , even now you get fined if caught there seems to be more than ever still doing it Reply


  48 months ago
Definitely not advisable. It is indeed dangerous using your phone while driving. Reply


  48 months ago
Can't see the point of living this life with your nose in a phone. Get out and smell the roses instead of photographing them and uploading them! Reply
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