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  1 month ago

Warning: 'The Crown' is fiction!

The British Secretary of Culture, Olivier Dowden, wants Netflix to include a disclaimer at the beginning of episodes in their hit series, about it being a work of fiction. There are fears that aspects of the Royal Family and past events are being misconstrued and believed as fact by viewers of the show.

The previous seasons, which were about the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, did not arouse such problems. It was only in season three that the script suggested that the sovereign had a relationship with her racehorse trainer, Lord Porchester. The show has been criticised for "stretching dramatic license to the extreme" by former Buckingham Palace press secretary, Dickie Arbiter. As the latest season focuses on a period of time that many people remember, and includes the late Princess Diana, scrutiny of the show has intensified.

Even Charles Spencer, Princess Diana's brother, seems to agree with the minister's request. The show's creator, Peter Morgan, has defended his right to have creative freedom after criticism of some scenes. "The royal family did not approve the content of the show, did not ask to see what topics would be addressed and there will be no view on the fidelity of the story."

According to Donal McCabe, the Queen’s communication secretary, the Royal Family never talk about ‘The Crown’ and stated that the royal household “would never express a view” on the show’s accuracy.

Most historical movies and TV shows do include disclaimers about historical accuracy, and the distinction between "reenactment" and "retelling" of events.

Have you watched The Crown? If not, would you be interested in watching the series?

Do you agree with the Government’s request to inform the audience about historical accuracy?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1 month ago
I would love to take a look at this series.


  1 month ago
History, Herstory and the Script-story which even with a lot of poetic licence cannot end with a "happy ever after".


  1 month ago
wao! amazing! i wanna seeee! now!


  1 month ago
Have never watched and am not interested in doing so. Unless a show has 'Documentary' spelled out loud and clear I am not a fan.


  1 month ago
It is amazing that people think that it is almost like a documentary.


  1 month ago
Never watched it and unless its labelled a Documentary its what I'd expect.."based on"


  1 month ago
What next. People will think that everything on the internet is true and accurate as well.


  1 month ago
"Pigs ear". dressed up again and called a "Pearl".
The Thrown called Diana a commoner, maybe the Thrown should do some Family History.
The Royal Blood was there before being a part of that 'Family.'
They are only dregs of a Bastard King and an Illegitiment Daughter.
History is a Mongrel.


  1 month ago
No, not interested in watching it.


  1 month ago
I have watched 'The Crown' and recently did a topic about it. I with Helena Bonham Carter, ' that they should have put fictional on it but most of it is true. It has upset everyone that was involved in the film even Australia saying Bob Hawke didn't say those things and insulted Australia. Diana's brother is upset because of the way they portrayed his grandmother.
The way Charles and Camilla treat Diana is true. The widow who's husband was killed in the snow trip is upset.
I quite enjoyed it and Princess Diana would be looking down from heaven at the Royal Family right now and laughing at them.
Saying 'Thank you to 'The Crown' for making a fool of the Royal family especial Charles and Camilla.
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