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  2 months ago

At the moment the Australian Economy is doing quiet well, but once the stimulus packages how well will we actually do?

I had heard some stories from people who are actually on unemployment benefits, and what many have said makes a lot or sense. If you can find a bulk billing doctor then good luck to you, as so many doctors have cancelled bulk billing, putting many people around $20 to $40 out of pocket. If you do not have the money to pay up front to see a General Practitioner, in the first place, it makes it harder to access essential medical services. With the Stimulus packages, it meant that people could afford to see a doctor, go and see a dentist, and put some more healthier foods on the table.

Many people are saying that the $50 increase is not enough and listening to so many stories, I would also have to agree. Andrew Wilkie said that it should of been $150 a fortnight, so does many charities.

What many people fail to realize is that retail has only been able to put more staff on during the pandemic, because of the stimulus packages, and with the cut backs, this may actually have a negative impact also on jobs, as if people can only afford to buy less, it means staff members will start to loose their jobs.

If people cannot afford to see their medical specialists, including dentists, then gradually more and more people become that ill that they can no longer work, and may end up on the Disability Pension, costing the Government much more in the long run.

There are new rules that come into affect, as well, it says that you must take a job if it is offered, and also apply for at least 20 jobs a fortnight. You cannot expect any one to take a job that they neither feel safe in, nor pays people not the right awards, etc. Not everyone is a suitable fit, and that goes the same with the person applying for the job, the boss they may be working with they may simply do not get along.

The dob in hot line should also work both ways, not just for the employers to be able to dob someone in, it should also allow people to dob in bosses who do not do the right under the working safe and placement settings, and or not pay the proper wages and entitlements.

Your thoughts


  2 months ago
Times are very hard for a lot of people and lucky I have a bulk billing doctor. Reply


  2 months ago
Applying for 20 jobs a fortnight would mean you have a job applying for a job. It is a lit if work applying for jobs, and can be demoralising if you don't get interviews. Depending where you live would there be 20 jobs to apply for?
I think for mobile people the fruit picking may be a start and an adventure, but the pay is not much.
I also think people need to take jobs they would not usually work in to bring money in. Often when employed, it leads on to other work, and gives one an insight into other avenues for work.
And there us always services industries, where you could start a cleaning business.
Where there is plenty of work is in disabilities, looking after people in their homes. They need more people.
As for doctors not accepting Medicare payment. The system was only designed to pay 85 per cent of a doctors fee. Do other workers accept 85 %
of their pay or wage? Definitely not. If we have to pay the other 15% is that such big deal, we are indeed fortunate in Australia to have our Healthcare system. You can be taken to any ED in Australia if you gave chest pain or an injury and be treated and your life maybe saved.
Dentistry is expensive, try studying for 12 years.minimum and then set up a,surgery with all that entails and the cost us high. Sterilizing instruments, medical supplies, staffing, rent and the last goes on and on. Then looking in people's mouths, some who smell found from cigarettes. I think a good dentist deserves what they are paid. And the key to teeth care is good dental hygiene, brush, floss and good diet. Prevention. As a person on middle age I gave paid out a lot to keep my teeth as my dental care,as a kid was not that great. But kids these days are able to prevent decay as dentistry and knowledge has improved.I grew up with wait till you get a toothache then get a filling. Not good. My parents grew up like that and end up with false teeth.
The covid payment was claimed by many who did not need it or who were paid more than their usual job paid. Govt did something in a hurry. Now the day to pay back comes. Govt funds are not a Neverending money pot, so it has to be reigned in.I know industries like hospitality suffered greatly which is unfortunate. I still think we are better off in Oz where restrictions put in place saved many deaths and illness. We need to look at it this way. Wrapping up dead bodies infected with a deadly virus us not something I want to as a nurse.


  2 months ago
Tough imes. Reply


  2 months ago
I thought about it & taking everything into account, I think it is measly, maybe they should cut some of the Pollie perks, i don't know maybe living from home allowance (what a rort), but hey I don't here any response from the leader of the Labor Party Reply


  2 months ago
Times will be tough for everyone for a while! Reply


  2 months ago
Jays i think you would have a great future working for Centrelink.They need people from all walks of life to deal with our most vital needs Reply

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