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  2 months ago

Pfizer vaccines 'thrown out' after storage error at Melbourne aged care centre

Yes, something else has gone wrong with the vaccines.
More than 100 does of the Pfizer vaccine have thrown out due to a storage error at a Melbourne aged care centre.
More than 120 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine have been discarded after a storage error.
A statement from the Health Department said '25 multi-dose vials were discarded out of an 'abundance of caution'.
While refrigeration was maintained, a medical decision was made not to use the remaining vials.
The vaccines must be stored between 2-8C for up to five days.
This is the second bundle due to the elderly couple in Queensland this week.
Please tell us your comments..
Do you think it is safe?


  2 months ago
No Reply


  2 months ago
Not safe Reply


  2 months ago
I haven’t asked my doctor about it yet. Reply


  2 months ago
Here we go, I somehow knew there would be stuff-ups! No doubt we will see if it's safe in a few months. Reply


  2 months ago
I am still taking it Reply


  2 months ago
Pfizer vaccines- be careful. Reply


  2 months ago
As an RN vaccinator I can shed some light on this for readers.
The vaccines are usually stored in a dedicated vaccine fridge which has a data logger attached and sometimes also a removable one inside the fridge which is able to be monitored by downloading the temperatures.
There is also an alarm on the fridge to alert staff if the temperature goes out of range of 2 to 8 degrees, when it is checked. If the temperature has not been out for too long the vaccines are able to be saved, but usually not influenza vaccines which are not as stable for example as Hep B vaccines. Some vaccines are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations.
The vaccines would have been taken to the nursing home to use and it is not likely the home would have a vaccine fridge so they would have been using a domestic fridge to store them while they were being given out. Unless the home had a data logger, which is highly unlikely, to monitor the temperature, then the temperature is not known. This would have led to the decision to discard the vaccines as the cold chain was not able to be guaranteed.
There will always be things which can happen to break the cold chain, this does happen, but is usually not sensationalised by the media - its only this time with this virus, it is news.
I would imagine this incident will mean that they will put protocols in place, to prevent this - taking vaccines onsite is always difficult and vaccination is better managed at a surgery or similar. Once they are out of the vaccine fridge you need a portable fridge with monitoring and alarms and can be difficult to manage.
This is the reason also I would think the government has decided to have the vaccines only in certain doctors surgeries who meet the requirements for vaccine storage. So they would need a vaccine fridge which is monitored twice daily and has a data logger inbuilt, nurses who are qualified RN vaccinators to monitor and care for the vaccines and give them out.
I have seen people, particularly elderly on the TV saying they only want to go to their own GP for a vaccine and I understand their trust in their doctors.
The fact is though, many GP's do not have all of the above, and most of them do not usually vaccinate people. Doctors usually write the medication order and hand the patient over to the nurse, who is usually better at giving injections anyway as we do them all the time.
I have observed lately though that maybe due to the speed at which this vaccine has been developed, that some people are wary of it. I can assure people that the only reason they were able to formulate this vaccine so quickly is that the base work of 8 years working on the SARS vaccine which they were never able to develop one successfully - laid the ground work for the Covid 19 vaccine.
Influenza vaccines are made of dead viruses, so they cannot cause the disease, but as with all vaccines, once you have it, your bodies defence mechanism senses - ah ha - there is a germ and goes into action to make antibodies - so you may experience mild symptoms of the disease for a few days. Germ warfare is going on in your body.
Also if you do actually contract the disease, it is most likely you will get a mild form of the disease.
As long as your vaccine has been stored correctly where ever it has been - from the manufacturer, the transport and then to the user, in the cold chain, then your vaccine should be safe to give and effective.
As with any vaccine or any medication, there is always a risk - anaphylaxis can occur but is mostly rare. It can be caused by the fluid in the vaccine which preserves it, formaldehyde or in some vaccines formulated in eggs, if you are highly allergic to eggs.
We are hoping the vaccination programme worldwide will bring this deadly disease under control.


  2 months ago
This is a human error not a problem with a the vaccine, yes I think the vaccine is safe and will have it as soon as its my turn. Reply


  2 months ago
Before the "gang" rip into me, I don't think you realise the scale of this, so there are bound to be some mistakes. Reply


  2 months ago
Thats why they got nearly 150 million doses on order - they're planning to waste most of it - government waste - who would have thunk it! Reply
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