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  1 month ago

Organ harvesting

As it’s Valentines month, I thought I would get this topic in before it’s too late.

My GP was telling me that in China you can get a heart pretty quickly if you pay. In most countries organ donation is not immediate; you have to wait for someone to die who was young enough to possess a healthy-ish heart. You could be on a wait list for years (if you live that long).

Not so in China... and the reason must be pretty horrifying. They must be killing people to harvest the innards, which then creates the market for transplant operations. I guess rich people are prepared to pay for a new heart because their lives are so great and they get the best money can buy. They would even walk around with a murdered person’s heart just to keep spending it.

I can’t stop thinking about the poor people whose lives have been cut short for financial gain. It also wouldn’t surprise me if COVID was lab created to knock off the old folks. They don’t give a damn about anyone but the Communist Party and you are condemned for speaking out against them. Thrown in jail or poisoned with a nice cup of tea.

Don’t let them take our land. They are not going to share the spoils of their labour with us. They will send the produce back to China and we will pay a high price for food and collect no GST. Don’t let them buy our Water licences. This is our livelihoods at stake. We need to see the big picture now before it’s too late and start valuing what we have before it’s all gone.

Please help me mend my broken heart, and let me live again.


  1 month ago
Hi EQT , You seem quite alarmed with what is happening internationally at the moment and rightfully so ! But allow me to allay some of your fears , yes we hear of all sorts of stories about organ transplants , some true others urban legends . The premise of the communist form of government , is to place every citizen on an even playing field . ie. All citizens share in the prosperity of the nation , but in order to to achieve this , there needs to be a central body to control this , the ideology being that all people are treated equally , so no person/persons can create wealth while others live in poverty . However the Party or Government , have put themselves above the peoples , and frankly enjoying the benefits . Any individual achievements , creations , ideas , must be given to the State , thus no incentive is given for progression .China has in the last few years become an international powerhouse , by stealing IP , paying low wages and a strangle hold on world manufacturing and export . the worldwide Covid virus , has made a perfect opportunity for China to pounce , while the world was occupied with the virus and US elections and pressure placed on pharmaceuticals , the Chinese were building up their military , building military bases in the South China Sea and using lame excuses to boycott imports from foreign countries , trying to win a game financially/economically rather than using military force ! This has now backfired , China need iron ore , coal , copper , bauxite . In response to a military conflict , China has never won a war or been actively engaged in modern day warfare . Two areas that win wars is logistics and supply , They need oil for refining to operate their hardware , the middle east have vehemently given support to NATO .Some of their assets are outdated and coming in to their winter , they need warmth and more importantly food , to feed troops . The Chinese are importing more and more agricultural products as the population increases . As far as military hardware is concerned , they have no answer to the aircraft carriers and planes . Australia has both the F22 Raptors and F35A's . Sure China has nuclear weapons , 350 in total , the US has in excess 6,200 , plus support from the other NATO nations . In a nutshell , we have no reason for fear ! Reply


  1 month ago
First of all qt RUOK. This practice has been going on for years and not just with China. Watched many stories on this and it always the rich that benefit. Reply


  1 month ago
Your last sentence worries me....sending you strength, love and light. May you find it in yourself to heal xxx Reply


  1 month ago
I have heard stories of people waking up in bathtubs of ice with one of their kidneys missing. I know I was fearful whilst in Thailand when different vendors wanted us to follow them as they had something we might be interested in on another stall, and then we would be hurrying down laneways and up rickety staircases to other lodgings.....too suss.....never would I have followed on my own. Reply


  1 month ago
Like this sort of thing has never ever happened right here in Australia, before. Sorry but money does talk, I am sure if some one like Gena Rionheart needs a transplant, she would be rushed to the head of the cue. Kerry Packer had a Kidney transplant, that was donated by one of his employees, and if it was someone else they would of more likely ended up dead, whilst waiting for a kidney Reply


  1 month ago
China is fast becoming the new world leader or should I say owner. So many countries accepting money from that regime and eventually it has to be paid back or something in kind will be taken. It could be a very bumpy ride ahead for democracy. Reply


  1 month ago
I have changed my future travel plans.Thanks ellisqt for enlightening me Reply


  1 month ago
Many things go on in Asian countries which are not accepted as standard practise in Australia.
Animals are mistreated as are humans.
Safety is not a priority in workplaces which we see when the news shows us a clothing factory burnt down and killed its workers who are working for very little anyway.
Food safety - we saw in the baby formula which had melamine in it.
These countries do not have the laws and regulations which we take for granted. And even if there are laws, there is always a corrupt official who will turn a blind eye to it for some cash exchange and get away with it.
Huge populations and overcrowding also lead to the above - so many to feed and house.
Now they have their eyes on our land, and I can't understand why Australian governments have agreed upon selling our water licences and land to Chinese. The Chinese think we are stupid. I was in WA a few years ago and was told by WA people living there, that the Ord River has many companies controlled by Chinese who send all the food to China. Why are we allowing our land and precious water to be used like this?
Especially the way the Chinese leader and his cronies are openly condemning us.
Chinese number 1.4 billion now, the population became so big due to thousands of years of men have numerous wives and being encouraged to produce people to overthrow the Mongolians. Then there was one child policy which kept it in check, but now this new despot running China has changed that and is encouraging more population growth.
Cut all of the above out, I think, stupid thing is that these leases for land, ports and water and the like have been signed over for years and years - what idiot politician allowed these things to happen?


  1 month ago
This kind of crime sickens me. Im just glad its not as big a problem here as it is in Asia or south America and Mexico. Extorting people with their lives Reply

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