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  6 months ago

#dailydoseofkindness: Social Media and Kindness.

In the real world, kindness is about giving, inspiration, being kind, peaceful, positive, optimistic, showing empathy and compassion.

The fact is, people, love doing them, love receiving them, and even love just seeing others lend a helping hand.

But, What About Social Media? Specifically, Instagram and Facebook.

Is Kindness Lost On Social Media?

Social media sites offer us an amazing opportunity to learn from people from different walks of life, cultures, and belief systems with an open mind. A mind that is open to understanding and has empathy for others around the world, and being kind to those we may not fully understand. We may not always agree, but if we respond with negativity we’re driving the conversation down a rabbit hole it may not recover from.

I have seen and heard a lot of Instagram influencers and Content creators going down on their mental health because they couldn't take the negativity, hate comments, and criticism.

Social media has made it easier than ever to spread hate. But it’s just as easy as spreading joy.

Here are just a few ways you can be Kind on Social Media.

1. Pay a friend a compliment.

It’s so easy to feel self-conscious and insecure on social media, where everyone is perfect (or at least tries to be). Give someone a confidence boost with a simple compliment or message of encouragement.

2. Promote someone else’s work.

All of those posts sharing “some personal news” are well and good, but what if we took a break from the self-promotion to sing someone else’s praises instead? Whose work has spoken to you recently? Post about it.

3. Think Before You Comment.

When you see something online, try to put yourself in the shoes of the person who posted it. Ask yourself: do I understand where this person is coming from? Keep in mind that a lot of posts are made when people are vulnerable and emotional. Give them time to cool down and collect themselves before you jump all over their posts. This doesn’t mean that you can never interact with others online, just be smart about what you’re saying and how you are saying it.

4. Share gratitude for people in your life.

In a sea of memes and political commentary, a breakthrough with a message of positivity by expressing gratitude for five people in your life. Not only will you make them feel great, but you’ll feel better too.

5. Don't Judge.

Something that looks 6 to you is 9 for the person on the other side. Enough Said.

It’s easy to be kind in real life, but it’s even easier to be kind on social media.

Spread Love, Kindness, and Compassion.

With Deepest Love
- Sameera Ismail


  6 months ago
Yes agree, social media communication must be taken as seriously as real world. These are some great pointers to keep in mind while using social media! Thanks!


  6 months ago
We absolutely love this one Sameera!

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