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  2 months ago

Coal Powered power stations are no longer viable. is what some experts have said?

Honestly I cannot see any new coal powered power stations being built, as it is not economically viable, as some experts have said because the cost of renewables are coming down in price, which is why we may see some power bills come down in price.

When the Liberal Fedeal Government went off at the Labor State Government in South Australia, because of a black out, they were speaking a lot of utter rubbish. Even if they still had the coal powered power station running, they would of still had blackouts, due to it was not the renewable technologies that was the problem, but rather the high voltage power lines coming down like tin pins, because of unusual weather patterns brought the towers down.

Your thoughts


  2 months ago
I’m not really focused on this subject but what I know is that the global coal industry will “never recover” since the pandemic begun and renewable energy is cheaper for consumers and safer for investors, bringing forward power plant closures in several countries. Even before the pandemic, coal industries was under pressure due to climate activism. Wind and solar plants I think will soon be cheaper than coal. Major banks started to cut ties or exit from the coal industries. Many investors are becoming concern to rising climate change and that’s the reason why fossil fuel had fallen. Public health benefits of cleaner air will be the main focus shifting away from dirty, high emitting high power production, and this will give more pressure to the financial sectors because the cost of capital of coal projects become even higher. Coal is definitely on downturn and I think this pandemic is going to accelerate that. Even China, which burns half of the world’s coal and is the biggest financier of mines and power plants in Asia and Africa was prompted to shift away from dirty fossil fuel. Some experts said that maybe demands will come back to some degree but there is also a very strong arguments that this not going to just bounce back. Australia was criticised by WHO for not doing much to fight climate change. And to show the world that we care..Morrison government responded that Australian government is building a Clean Energy Future through comprehensive plan to cut pollution, introduce a carbon price, invest billions of dollars in renewable energy, transform the energy sector away from high polluting sources such as brown coal, and store million of tonnes of carbon in the land through better land management. Meaning, more carbon tax if the industry is already paying or carbon tax might be implemented to all industries. My opinion. Reply


  2 months ago
When they spoke to the SA government about power outages. It was too do with a tornado and storm that took out key infrastructure including power lines. It had nothing to do with a shortage of energy and was a total lie. Reply


  2 months ago
I disagree. Much cheaper and cleaner than people think. Germany is in the middle of a severe winter and their solar farms are not working. Reply


  2 months ago
The Liberals also admitted that they where being Political when they called the Emission Trading Scheme the Carbon Tax but they continued with the lie till the media started repeating their lie and causing the entire population of Australia to begin to think that some new tax had been brought in.
I really liked the Federal Liberal Government in the late 60's early 70's rapping Tassie over the knuckles demanding that they dumped their Hydro which was expensive and not sustainable for coal to generate their electricity. Tassie didn't do as they where told and it was a latter Federal Labour Government which eventually killed off the Hydro Power in Tassie or at least any new Hydro Power Generation while at the same time owning a large stake in the biggest Hydro Power Station in Australia.
Pollies never do what is best for the country/community they only ever consider what is best for them and the people/companies who pay the bills so what happened in SA was a BALD FACE LIE FOR POLITICAL GAIN which obviously worked as they changed the Government to one that agreeded that if they had more Coal Fired Power Generation the Black Out woud never have happened and the Interlink with Victoria failing whiel the other was undermaintance had no impact at all on the blackouts.
They want people to believe that they can destroy 80% of the Power Transmission Infrastcture and have no impacts on the state.
The only way to describe them is to say if Brains where explosive they would be unable to blow their noses.


  2 months ago
SA had 2 power stations in that area which were sold to private enterprise. Engineers told the new owners if the need for 2 to run as one was a backup for hot days of air cons running and in cold weather.
They ignored this and shut one down leaving the one
.Then the weather knocked out the lines and they were left with no backup. This caused them to have no power as you mentioned.
Privatization and greed us causing many problems with our essential services.
Along comes Elon Musk with the money and the will Problem solved.
Nsw and Qld problem is political, not that its not do able.


  2 months ago
South Australia is no running 60% of it's power from renewables so those who said it would never happen might like to reconsider their opinions. Reply


  2 months ago
Always a down side
There was a program on Cambodia or Vietnam or one of those countries dependent on the Mekong and similar rivers and with China building hydro electric their water supply was being ruined due to dams etc
So they'd say coal power was good for their livelihoods

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