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  3 months ago

The plight of COVID-19: Online Businesses Surfacing

Hello Toluna Influencers!

I am Brian Rudolph Samson, a content writer. Previously I have created a content about starting your online business with tips for those who are not aware, you may check it out on my profile. Today, another topic will be given regarding on how COVID-19 drastically affected numerous traditional businesses. That caused loss of jobs, financial illiteracy and economic recession.


COVID-19 is a virus outbreak which is unforeseen that damaged the economic state and caused majority of the businesses to shut down or run out of business. But, e-commerce and online businesses started to rise with the arrival of pandemic, that is definitely one way to earn and be stable in life.


We all know personal or traditional business have been strucked the most with the certain situation. Online Businesses is the trend right now, why? Simple you can start any of your business with less to no capital. You and your knowledge is the answer to create something that may help the community.

In my opinion here are the top online businesses:

• E-Commerce (Online Shops)
• Online Reselling (Cosmetics, Clothing, Items)
• Online Events (Modelling, Pageants etc.)
• Online Fitness and Coaching
• Online Tutor
• Food Delivery Services

Those businesses are in demand right now and attracts a lot of customers simply as they all benefit the consumers. You must always keep in mind, before starting an online business there are risks at the higher end such as loss of customers, lack of ideas and high entries to barrier. A good mentality and consistency are the recipe to initiate your business, find something you like such as connecting your passion to your business. It could simply be cooking, fitness, entertainment and more.

The new norm already begun, whether we like it or not online businesses are continuing to profit. One example is Jeff Bezos the Founder of the colossal e-commerce Amazon, catering products at homes that ensures to meet the expectation of the customers.

To conclude this topic, keep in mind having a positive mindset and thinking something unique will be a good start for your business. Never only look in the short term, also make room for your long term plans and ideas. Like I always said, invest while your young and live fully till your 80's.

— Brian Rudolph Samson
Business & Marketing Management Student / Founder & Managing Director of Pageant Universe


  3 months ago
Woah!! that was helpful. thank you for taking out time and sharing this with us.. Good Luck !!


  3 months ago
Very well said love ❤️ I'm sure that you're the best content writer here in toluna ❤️ Very well done

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