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  29 days ago

Maintaining long hair

Maintaining long hair can be very difficult and challenging. You need to take care of it very well and properly.
Just washing and shampooing your hair is not enough to keep them healthy. You need to schedule regular trims in-between to keep hair in a healthy state, also shampoo and condition with great quality products and as per your hair type and dry them with care.

Avoid tight hairstyles that might pull and damage the hair shaft. When you eat clean healthy foods and drink a lot of water also matters and it helps 100%, so try your best to have a balanced diet to keep your hair long and strong.

I recently cut my long hair short. I like to change it up and I have made a list of tips how I maintained my long hair and want to share with my toluna family.

*Use the right brush
*Hydrate your hair regularly/ do hair treatments twice a week at least
*Use the right hair ties (soft ones)
*Don't towel dry
*Trim your hair often (6 weeks it definitely helps the hair)
*Shampoo & condition the right way (wash hair only twice a week it helps the natural oils on the scalp let the hair shaft remain healthy and grow)


  23 days ago
Thanks for sharing with us. Reply


  29 days ago
Thankyou for your im formation , why did u cut your beautiful long hair? Id give anythink to have longggg hair Reply


  29 days ago
I have very fine hair and its about breast length. I dont overwash, I use good quality care yet it still frizzes on the ends. Had it cut recently and first wash afterwards it went frizzy when I left it to dry on its own! Hairdresser did a beautiful job on it yet all I did was wash it and it killed it! I only wash once maybe twice a week sometimes and straighten it every third wash - must be genetics but also age is ruining it. Reply


  29 days ago
I've thick, straight hair that's occasionally foiled. As for length, I've had it very, very short and very, very, long... but mostly, a bob just below chin length. But my hair has always been in excellent condition! Reply


  29 days ago
Good tips Fatimah. I still have long hair at the age of 74 and take good care of it. My hairdresser uses foils to blend in blonde with grey. I often wish it would go grey all at once so I could colour the whole lot but it refuses to! I did cut my hair short when I was a teenager but it really didn't suit me. Reply


  29 days ago
I look after my just passed shoulder length hair as you suggest accept I do towel dry, treat then straighten. I have mine died which I doubt you need to do but I also did have an iridescent red stripe about a quarter to half inch thick put in on the right side going down over my ear about four months ago but it washes out and each time I go to the hairdressers I change the colour of the stripe depending on my mood.... That was my way of changing it up and being a little bit different.
How long was your hair before you cut it Fatimah?


  29 days ago
Thanks Fatimah for this very interesting advice. I used to have shoulder length hair but never long. Now it is short and I love it. I, honestly, could not put up with the care of long hair, even though it does look lovely on people! Reply


  29 days ago
I have a lot of trouble with my hair Reply

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