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  24 days ago

Prevention Magazine: Squeeze on fat! How an orange can be the answer to peeling off the kilos.

In a world where we pay a fortune for fancy super foods and expensive supplements, one of the world's most nutrient-rich foods is probably sitting right in front of you now - an orange.
What's so good about this juicy, zesty orb that costs less than a dollar? It is not only packed with vitamin C, which helps boost your immunity, produce more collagen and thus healthier skin, and reduced inflammation, it also contains a compound called nobiletin, which may significantly decrease body fat. In a recent Canadian study, researchers extracted nobiletin from oranges and placed it into a diet of morbidly obese mice and found that the mice became noticeably leaner and had lower level of insulin resistance and blood fats - even while continuing to eat high - fat, high - cholesterol diets. The study also showed that in mice that already had all the negative symptoms of obesity, nobiletin helped reverse those symptoms and even started to regress plaque build up in the arteries known as atherosclerosis.
The next step is to begin human trials to see if the same positive metabolic effects can be replicated.

So, what are you waiting for? Add a splash of orange to your day to squeeze out the benefits.

A simple orange with so much benefit and potential!

Comments if you wish.


  19 days ago
Thanks for the read B, love fruit especially oranges. Reply


  24 days ago
I just feel better after squeezing an orange and drinking the juice... so much better than taking supplements or buying bottled juices! Reply


  24 days ago
Thanks Ms B, pretty good for digestion too. Afraid I'm a bit like Y though! Reply


  24 days ago
Nope.. doesn't help with weight loss. I'd need an orchard! :-/ xx Reply


  24 days ago
Simple food, no need for expensive diet pills, for once I agree with " Prevention Magazine ". I was in Chemist warehouse this morning and they buy truck loads of pills for everything under the sun, all that's needed is a healthy diet and a little common sense. Reply

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