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  3 months ago

Being an Aussie.

Reading a poll. Being an Aussie means so many different things. Loving A.F.L or N.R.L. Giving people a fair go. Loving meat pies at the footy. Loving all of the different cultures in Australia and their restaurants, Thai, Chinese etc. Going to the beach and burning your feet on the sand.Able to make a joke and take a joke. What things make/mean being an Aussie to you?


  3 months ago
I’d have to take out the giving each other a fair go at the moment. That died with Covid. Australia has dropped in popularity overseas as a Tourist destination mainly due to the way Police have used Rubber Bullets on Protesters. Some Countries are wary of this and border closures etc. Cant say I blame them.


  3 months ago
Showing kindness, care and always willing to lend a helping hand. Making people laugh, smile, sharing good food, enjoying the outdoors and being warm and welcoming.


  3 months ago
Spoke to "old mate" at the pub and raised this while we were downing a schooner , waiting for our counter lunch , a dog's eye with chips . Well , blow me down he won the meat tray with snags and chops . Couldn't stay all arvo wanted to go for a surf and put me togs on . Couldn't wait to get into the scallops with loads of vinegar and a chiko roll on the way home . Got to stop at a bottle'o and pick up a slab for the backyard cricket and maybe some cruisers for the sheila's to drink . Last barbie the pan licker stole the ball , rotten mongrel . We invited the neighbours new aussies and to bring a plate , hope they don't bring that wog food , all that tabouli and cous cous fell between the grill , the mutt wouldn't touch it .


  3 months ago
Accent and liking Aussie foods


  3 months ago
If you happen to be new to Australia (Migrated) may I suggest.
Leave your baggage where you came from.
If you came to Australia for a better life, Fit in.
Learn English.
Smile , nod head at people in the street
Go to Footy and learn something about it (whatever Code)
Have a B.B Q, and a few Beers
Join in the netball club/Tennis club/cricket club/Football club
Learn Collingwood supporters have no teeth.
Learn how to say, "Get stuffed, That's unreal, Mate".
Learn the The libs are Snob and labor is the Worker and the Builder of our Nation and a Good Bloke (Sheila)
Then after 50 or 60 Years you might if lucky be called an Australian.


  3 months ago
sun, footy, freedom, relaxed attitude, open space


  3 months ago
Freedom, open spaces, easy going people


  3 months ago
For me, no matter what country we come from, we should have respect for others. This should motivate a person to be honest in all dealings, free from lies, deceit, stealing and treat others how you want to be treated. Be faithful to your spouse, look after your children and love them.
Look after the planet. Don't throw rubbish out the car window or dump rubbish clothes at charity bins. Take care if native animals and the environment.
Being Australian, means we are very fortunate to live in this beautiful land, and we need to take care of the land and people. Anyone who doesn't value good principles doesn't deserve my respect.
Football, meatpies etc, are ok, but I think Australua needs to move on from these child like values.
We are losing habitats, native species and our environment us being destroyed by land clearing, pollution, and inappropriate land use, and unsustainable practices.
We can all enjoy sports and favorite foods unique to us, but ideas about how we see ourselves need to grow beyond just thinking of our lives only as drinking beer eating pies and going to the beach and the like. I recall cringing into the,seat when I was on a plane to the US in 1977, and an Aussie got on with a hat with net and corks, And was talking loudly acting like an idiot. I didn't want to admit, I was an Aussie.
Australians, I think need to grow up and have respect for the country and it starts with how we think and view our place on the planet. Life in Australia is good comparing us to some places on the earth, but let's have some more respect for our enviable position.


  3 months ago
Mateship, camaraderie, lend a hand to your neighbour, burning your butt on your seatbelt when you jump in the car in summer, Backyard bbq's and mosquitos and flies, fishing with your mates all camping together up the river.


  3 months ago
That we can live in the Southern Hemisphere away from the majority of hostility and without neighbours.
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