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  1 month ago

Bustle: Common Zodiac Signs Among Serial Killers.

Common Zodiac Signs Among Serial Killers.

There are many psychological traits common among serial killers that could align with certain zodiac sign strengths and weaknesses. "[Serial killers] tend to be highly charismatic because they have learned and honed the fine art of magnetizing people," clinical psychologist Dr. Perpetua Neo tells Bustle. "This is the web they weave to entice people, get them to trust, and potentially let their guards down.”
While it's not accurate to say that any one zodiac signs is more likely to commit a string of murders than another, it is interesting to consider the astrology of serial killers and some of the factors their charts have in common. Read on for the scoop on a few of the major serial killer zodiac signs.

Pisces Zodiac Signs (Feb. 19 - March 20).
Infamous Pisces serial killers: Richard Ramirez aka the “Night Stalker" (born February 29, 1960), John Wayne Gacy (born March 17, 1942), Aileen Wuornos (born on February 29, 1956), Donald Henry Gaskins (born on March 13, 1933), and Dennis Rader aka the BTK killer (born March 9, 1945).

Mutable water signs Pisces account for some of the most prolific serial killers in recent history — which is surprising, considering they’re often thought of as some of the most sensitive and gentle signs of the zodiac. Pisces are known for their deep feelings, creative spirits, and a love of daydreaming. They tend to have a natural connection to spirituality, as well as an almost-psychic level of intuition.

However, Pisces’ sensitivity could also cause them to get hurt more easily than other signs. “Pisces serial killers are notoriously dark and detached from reality, and many of them also use occult practices in their murders,” Engel says. “We also see a big trend of substance abuse before committing their crimes.” Pisces shadow side includes being out-of-touch with reality and showing escapist tendencies — which could manifest in a dangerous way under the wrong circumstances.

Gemini Zodiac Signs (May 21 - June 20).
Infamous Gemini serial killers: Peter Sutcliffe aka the "Yorkshire Ripper” (born June 2, 1946); Jeffrey Dahmer (born May 21, 1960); David Berkowitz aka the "Son of Sam" (born on June 1, 1953).

Mutable air sign Geminis are celebrated for being quick-thinking and sharp-witted conversationalists, ruled by planet of communication Mercury. But in the case of these Gemini-born serial killers, it’s possible that their smooth-talking charm helped them get closer to their victims and more easily hide their crimes from others.

“Since Gemini is the sign of the twins, a lot of serial killers with this placement live a double life,” Engel says. Geminis aren’t naturally dishonest, but their gift with words and ability to think on their toes could be used to help them come up with excuses or explanations more quickly and convincingly than others. If they're willing to lie or stretch the truth in order to get their way, they may have an easier time tricking their victims.

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)
Infamous Sagittarius serial killers: Ted Bundy (born November 24, 1976), Larry Eyler aka the Interstate Killer (born December 21, 1952), Dennis Nilsen (born November 23, 1945), and Rosemary West (born November 29, 1953).

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign that prizes freedom, traveling, and higher knowledge. These thrill-seekers are known for being spontaneous and taking risks — and because they’re ruled by Jupiter, planet of good luck, they often land on their feet. However, sometimes a Sagittarius’ adventurous streak can lead to recklessness.

Does that mean all Sagittarians scratch their itch for excitement and wanderlust by committing murder? Of course not. But some of the most notorious Sagittarius killers, such as Ted Bundy and Larry Eyler, have journeyed across multiple state lines to commit their crimes. “Sagittarius serial killers are chaotic and travel quite a bit,” Engel says. “For example, Ted Bundy killed in seven states.” Additionally, Eyler confessed to having committed murders in five different states.

Virgo Zodiac Signs (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22).
Infamous Virgo serial killers: Albert DeSalvo aka The Boston Strangler (born September 3, 1931), Richard Angelo aka the Angel of Death (August 29, 1962), Ed Gein (born August 27, 1906), Gerald Stano (born September 12, 1951).

Mutable earth sign Virgos are known for being keenly observant, detail-oriented, organized, and tidy, making them naturally helpful people. However, it’s these very same qualities that could theoretically allow them to more thoroughly plan out a crime and effectively cover up their crimes effectively.

“Virgo serial killers are extremely meticulous,” Engel says. “They either know how to cover their tracks with a long career, or they display their victims in a way that sends a message.” Virgos are ruled by the logical planet Mercury, which makes them naturally good at planning, scheduling, and mapping out the details of everything they do — whether their acts are altruistic or not.

Well I am safe as I am Leo but should have been a Virgo. How about you?

Comments if you wish.


  1 month ago
No Librans there.....I guess that's because a Libran thrives on fun, laughter, joyfulness, and beauty. We like to feel free and keep it light, instinctively turning away from people whose traits feel too negative or heavy. Librans have a natural cool to them that comes from not trying too hard and keeping things chill. Reply


  1 month ago
Oh dear, I'm a Sag but don't seem to fit in with the wanderlust or search for excitement, I'm not far off Capricorn so put it down to that. Reply


  1 month ago
Im on the pisces cusp lol, im only a half crazy killer yeah? Reply


  1 month ago
I am aries. Reply


  1 month ago
Well i am a cancer so i am safe. Interesting information though Reply


  1 month ago
Well I’m a Scorpio so hope that means I’m safe, I hope you had a lovely Monday B. Reply


  1 month ago
So who'd like to come for a drive with me in my van The back is comfy the ropes and shackles and vicious tools are only in case of a road accident Honest
The doors don't open from inside? Oh that's just a safety feature
Trust your friendly Gemini ♊


  1 month ago
Where's Ophiuchus.....I know, I know.....a special, highly intelligent, lovable, cute, hot, man killer breed!
Sagittarius will have to do.......this time!


  1 month ago
Im a Virgo so I must be meticulous in my planning, theoretically anyway. Reply


  1 month ago
So us Capricorns are not serial killers?? Reply

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