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  2 months ago

Fun topic!

Last of Dave Allen my friends but I promised one for Cilly of the bogeyman and couldn't find it. Sorry Cilly.

I have picked this one for you and hope you like it. Also it is Halloween on Sunday for those who participate in this. I do not.

I find his voice to be so mesmerizing, as most Irish are.

Have a good day today, tomorrow and a great, safe weekend. Take care everyone.

Comments if you wish.


  2 months ago
Have a great, safe weekend too B and talk soon. Reply


  2 months ago
This was a wonderful skit that I hadn't seen before. Thanks, B. On talking to my hubby he informs me that the bogeyman skit we saw and heard was at a live show with Dave Allen. He talked for over 2 hours about putting young children to bed and making them stay in their room. It was an amazing show and everyone had very sore ribs from laughing at the everyday mundane things we say to children without ever realising the implications until he pointed them out. We saw him live a couple of times here in NSW and many of his stories had been told before on TV. Evidently, this particular one wasn't, but thanks for trying to find it. I can remember my parents telling me that if I didn't stay in bed and go to sleep then the bogeyman would get me and Dave Allen in his inimitable way then said 'After being told that, then I laid there wondering where the bogeyman was. Was he on top of my cupboard, was he watching me, what did he look like, would he strangle me?' Thinking back to when you put your children to bed, and after the fifth or sixth request for a drink of water, what did you say to them? Then think of what Dave Allen could bring to what you said. You can get my gist of the evening from that. Reply


  2 months ago
I love a good story before bed. Reply


  2 months ago
Very funny as always I remember staying up to watch the Dave Allen show. Reply


  2 months ago
Loved it, what a great story teller he was, thanks Ms B but you don't need to stop as far as I'm concerned. Reply


  2 months ago
Certainly got me in ! Couldn't wait till what was coming next . Reply


  2 months ago
I love it. Reply

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