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  2 months ago

The Power Of The Dog

Please forgive the lateness of the hour in delivering you this movie review. In fact I have only just finished watching this Jane Campion masterpiece with Benedict Cumberbatch.

I don’t really know if I can do it justice. It was very well acted and staged magnificently in the 1920s in Montana USA.

The title is in fact Psalm 22.20 … “deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog.”

I think the power of this film is in the love of a son for his Mother. There are also homosexual overtures expressed and hinted at but never truly revealed. The film explores the ridicule and shame of those not “macho” enough to be considered Men, and the way in which those who feel repressed in a sexual way will ultimately detest those who seem to overtly express what they themselves try so hard to keep hidden.

The mountains that loom monstrously in the background of the ranch look like a dog with its jaws open, which I initially thought was the “power” and is referenced by Phil (played by Ben) when he says “if you can’t see anything then there ain’t nothing there.” However the penny dropped at the end, when the power was the strength of will demonstrated by the boy running far deeper than we the audience ever think is possible. As they say still waters run deep and they do with Peter (played by Kodi Smit-McPhee). He says to Phil in the scene where they have gone into the mountains that “My Father always thought that I was strong.” Phil denies it. He says he will become strong now, probably as a result of knowing him.

Truth is we never truly know what anyone is capable of. We can never look into the heart of another Man and see either its good or evil. Rather we are a strange and intricate combination of the two, often never emerging without some catalyst to spark the tinderbox inside of us.

In other words, never judge a book by its cover. While the tough guy definitely hides his weakness, the effeminate man conceals his mental strength less he gives away his mental ‘cryptonite’.

Kirstin Dunst is amazing as Rose Gordon, mother of Peter and wife to ‘fatso’ played by Jesse Plemons.

This movie is well worth watching and kept me interested in what would transpire between the characters. Much more than just a Western, this movie compelled me to look up a Psalm in the Bible, which no film has ever done before.

Have a great week Toluna and topic on.


  1 month ago
I did watch this last night Qt and what you have said is so true. Yes, the relationship between the mother and son was amazing. He never judged her. I think that there were sexual overtones here definitely with the 'strong' brother. Jane Campion is fantastic and I do try and watch her movies. This one does not disappoint. I have one question did the son kill his step uncle with the Anthrax from the meat he took? I gathered he did but could be wrong. Thanks for this recommendation as I never watch this genre of movie. Look forward to your next one. I did watch The Father with Anthony Hopkins and found it sad but true as what does happen with people with dementia and in particular their families. Anthony Hopkins deserved the Oscar for his performance. Have a great week Qt. Take care. Reply


  1 month ago
Qt I have found this on Netflix so shall be watching it tomorrow. Will let you know. Reply


  2 months ago
Thanks for the wonderful review qt and wishing you a lovely rest of the week. Reply


  2 months ago
Great review as always and I have never seen the Psalm. Shall definitely check this one out as I do like Benedict and Kirstin. Sounds to be fascinating. Thanks again Qt. Reply

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