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  1 month ago

Contact Tracing downsized and Daily Covid Hot Spots no longer on Government Website in Victoria.

Does it worry you that the Government in Victoria has stopped Contact Tracing or do you think that with 90% vaccinated its the right time.

Now that Borders are opening and overseas workers are entering Australia plus the fact that vaccinated can also catch and spread Covid I think its impossible to keep up the Tracing plus the cost to Taxpayers is enormous.

Having lost 2 years in Melbourne to lockdowns and Restrictions I personally think it's time to get on with life.
As Covid is now Endemic like the Flu it seems pointless to keep counting cases daily too as I think this just spreads more anxiety.

So if your State stopped Contact Tracing and putting up hot spots would you care or be relieved that you don't have to hear so much about it anymore?

Comment if you'd like to.


  1 month ago
it is a bit of a worry as we have to be extra careful that we do not get these newer strains in that could be much more serious. I was going to look at getting my third jab, but may leave it for a while, as pizer is looking at making theirs work against the new strain and that could be 100 days off Reply


  1 month ago
This will be the last time I comment on covid.
I like to look on the bright side but I see a couple of concerning comments.
One being that a child died from covid the other day.
No child has died from Covid in Australia and this has been confirmed by the CHO and other top epedimologists. The Poor child concerned that passed away had severe co morbidities and was admitted to Hospital with pneumonia and other respiratory infections. The attending Physician in his statement said the child had mild covid but was not admitted to hospital for that reason and that Covid Did Not in anyway contribute to his death. You with find this statement on Google or other websites.
The reason I'm putting this is because false information is unfair to people who may already be suffering from the mental trauma this virus has caused and more false information is unwarranted.
What I hope for everyone is that you try to be as happy as possible, try to avoid misinformation, and hopefully go back to some normality in your life.
You'll only do this by blocking out the negatives and thanking the Big Guy up there sometimes.
Believe me when times get tough there's no better friend by your side than the one who's suffered more than any of us...
My thoughts, my beliefs and it helps.
Whatever helps you to get through use it and stay away from negative people.
Happy weekend Jen x


  1 month ago
It is time to do away with contact tracing also, in my opinion, as those I know who have received notification of having been at an exposure site have received their messages a week them a whole week to go about their business and potentially expose so many others. Contact tracing is too slow. I know of someone who had returned negative tests on day 3 and day 6 by the time they received their notification that they had been in an exposure site and to go and get tested. There has been plenty of time to get vacc'd. We have to just catch it and get over it now. Reply


  1 month ago
Source the ABC web site,
"Exposure sites will no longer be published. Instead, the [Health] Department will use the new alert function in the Service Victoria app to notify patrons of higher-risk venues where positive cases have been present such as restaurants, gyms, and nightclubs, and advise them to get tested," the statement read.
"Individuals who test positive are strongly recommended to tell the social contacts they have spent time with and encourage them to get tested. The department will not trace or manage these contacts."


  1 month ago
Jen, I am a little concerned, like Woody, on the new strain in South Africa at the moment. Read about this yesterday so maybe not at the moment. My opinion. Reply


  1 month ago
I don't think they should stop especially when a new strain has occurred in South Africa and we are still allowing flights in from there. Reply


  1 month ago
Lost the plot should continue tracing. Reply


  1 month ago
It just says they are no longer publishing exposure sites.No mention of stopping Contact tracing Reply


  1 month ago
I would care particularly as another new variant is out and about. Today the UK has listed several countries as No Go or at least Not come here from because of this variant. Reply

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