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  1 month ago

Australia accused of trying to block Unesco process that could put Great Barrier Reef in danger list - Australia lobbied Unesco to remove reference to 1.5C global warming limit to protect heritage sites

It seems Australia or representatives off Australia are now trying to encourage UNESCO against putting The Great Barrier Reef on the endangered list.

A dozen countries have accused the Australian government of trying to hit pause on a process that could still lead to the Great Barrier Reef being placed on a list of world heritage sites “in danger”.

But a global climate change policy to guide how more than 190 countries deal with the crisis affecting some of the world’s most special places, couldn’t be agreed on at a major international meeting in Paris.

At the general assembly meeting for the UN’s world heritage convention – a treaty signed by more than 190 countries to protect the most special places on Earth – Australia raised fears if sites were placed on the “in danger” list, they could stay there forever.

Australia is trying to block a UN recommendation that countries should try to keep global heating to 1.5C to protect world heritage sites from the impacts of the climate crisis.

The Morrison government has also told Unesco major decisions about world heritage-listed places being damaged by climate change – which would include the Great Barrier Reef – should be put on hold.

This is most interesting because we are being told by the Federal Government how much money they are putting in towards trying to help the reef survive so it seems a smoke and mirrors approach works best where the voters in Australia think they are helping yet the world knows better.

Intensive lobbying from Australia delayed the “in danger” listing, with a decision due to be considered again at a meeting in Russia in June next year.

Comment if you wish.


  1 month ago
Everything needs to be done to sure our environment, animals and surroundings are looked after now and for generations to come. Reply


  1 month ago
If we loose the Great Barrier Reef, it will kill off so much Queensland Tourism, as millions go to Queensland to see the Great Barrier reef. It is time that it is properly protected and look altered. Reply


  1 month ago
I agree. Reply


  1 month ago
I agree with k on this one p. I cannot fathom why they would would not want it put on the endangered list. It would, imo, make people more aware of what is happening...and indeed it is that. Why, if it is happening, should we be exempt from this? That is what it is all about. Reply


  1 month ago
I saw this news previously and am not sure why they think leaving it as endangered would be detrimental .. It's possibly about "reputation" and false pride. Makes us look bad maybe they think.
It should be on the endangered list as it is at great risk.

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