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  5 months ago

Repairing electrical goods, farm machines and all the things we need - when they are broken is it more expensive to repair or cheaper to buy new?

I have been frustrated many times when a kitchen item has a small problem and needs repair and it is difficult to find a repairer and when you do find one, they tell you the parts are exhorbitantly pricey.

I had a Samsung tablet which worked fine until the charging part at the bottom of it became unstable and would not work. I took it to a repairer who was not able to access the part from the maker. I took it to the maker repair centre who told me they would have to wipe out all of my files to be able to repair it. What ? I do not understand why or that it could not be copied onto a disc, as I did not want to lose my photos - lesson learned and I will be saving all photos on devices to another one.

But this idea that only the maker had the intellectual rights to repair an item and they will not let out the repair manuals, I think is contributing to e-waste and general waste - and is based on the fact that they want to make more profit and get you to buy a new one.

Now there is a push to legislate a law to make the companies release the information so items can be repaired.

I must say though that Bosch company whom I have a dishwasher made by, if you ring them and give them the Id number of the product they will send you the repair manual or the manual with the drawings of the electrical system and parts manual. A forward thinking company!

Have you had any problems with getting repairs on things? I do love that show on the ABC an English show where they repair antique items for people - they go to such trouble to fix things up. But we need repair shops again to fix everyday items.

There is some more information on this subject from this article, but I would be interested to hear from other tolunas on how they manage this.


  5 months ago
It would be great if wastage could be reduced by things being easier to repair and more availability of affordable services and assistance to help people.


  5 months ago
It really depends on what the issue is, and with what product, for example a tv screen will cost you more to replace than going out to buy the same tv again. My partner is a qualified retired technician.. There is really know money in repairs these days, as more people want to replace something rather than getting it repaired.


  5 months ago
It is however somewhat worse than that.
In the case of the mentioned Tablet the Port in question is also the data port that you use to connect to other devices and is part of the Main Board which also covers the Storage areas of the device. When the remove the Main Board and replace it the Data on it goes with that Main Board so that is why you lost it.
With all Electronic Devices you have to acknowledge that they are Temporary Storage and BACKUP often. Only way you'll keep your data and it is the owners responsibility to do so.
The farm machinery is an interesting item as it puts a light on on the Dash Board telling the operator to Service the Equipment, all right so far but if the Service Work is not carried out when the AI Driving the unit wants it shuts the machinery down where it stands and it can not be moved till the Service Light is Reset. They always requires the Dealer to come out and do the service not the owner to change the oil or adjust the various things than need attention.
The real issue is that so many people want cheap White Goods that they buy the cheap ones which never come with Parts to keep them working long term. The AU Law says that the seller has to bring in parts for a Reasonable Time and to the importers that just means till it is out of warranty and then it is not their responsibility. But they do not bring in parts they just rob bits out of new product and use that as it is much cheaper than bringing in Spares which they need to store and keep track of so they simply do not bother. The big problem with that is that when the item is no longer brought into the country the possibility of parts disappears so the thing is only good for landfill and the Insane Consumerism continues with the constant selling of new items with no supply of Spare Parts.
If you had of bought the more expensive Australian Built Device you would be able to get spare parts and this would not be an issue.
As for Bosch I saw one of their fridges burst a coolant pipe which rendered the entire unit junk. Because of the design where the condenser is incorporated into the cabinet it is impossible to replace any burst coolant lines and the entire thing is only ever suitable for landfill. Then you have other companies who simply refuse to sell Spare Parts and insist to keep the item working properly you have to go to one of their Dealers who have been Specially Trained to fix the item and keep it working as it was designed to work.
At the extreme end of Insanity a company who shall remain nameless who sold sewing machines did not bring in any spares at all and insisted that when a needle went blunt it was time to replace the sewing machine. Now granted Sewing Needles are never sharp they are all blunt to some extent but they do wear out and wear the tip off them so they stop working as they where designed to do. But when it comes to a worn out needle requiring a new machine that was a step too far or an overlocker which needed to be scraped when you woe out a blade.
Even the Knitting Machine that could not be repaired because it came out of the box new with 3 broken needles and when I went to it's ,maker they insisted that they did not make the model I was wanting replacement needles for even though I could see a stack of them on the floor 10 feet from the door I was standing at.
Anyway this is something that people wanted as they stopped supporting the companies who brought in Quality Goods and Supplied Spares for for the life of the units. I remember places like Elna, Husquania Bernina selling Machines and having spare parts for units 40 years old and older. When the cheap products came in with no spare parts backup those companies lost sales to the cheaper things where the importers did not have either a big supply of spares or trained people to fit them when things broke so those items became Throw Aways and new items where required. That has spread to everything now as no one wants to pay for the Expensive Backed up machinery they want the cheap knock off's and expect the Expensive Backup which they are unwilling to pay for.
Be that a Excavator that broke a 50 cent part in the injector pump that could not be got for love nore money down tot he Imported vacuum cleaner that people paid what they considered as an Over the Top Price for and doesn't have any spares at all available in this country. The Feral Government Allowed this to happen over many decades and them now jumping up on their hind legs Dog Whistling close to an Election will achieve ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL No One wants the ability to repair anything these days.
As for the Repair Shop those items can be repaired because they where well built had spare parts for decades after they where made and did not change the model every second week so that complete machines are still around to scavenge Spares from. Can you imagine any product on sale today still being sold in 3 years time and not having been replaced at least twice by a updated model of the older model?


  5 months ago
My hubby watches the show that you have said as he is the handyman and gets a lot of information from it. As for Samsung, my smartphone is this make, and they do have a booklet on how to fix a problem. Bosch we have never had any problems with that cannot be fixed. They definitely are a very good brand. However, I do agree with making companies produce documentation on how to repair things. Less wastage is what is needed now more than ever. Good topic!

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