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  1 month ago

This Is A New One To Me.

Today is Smartphone Day. Do you have a Smartphone? If so which brand? What brand would you never buy? What do you do on your Smartphone? Gaming, Paying Bills, Streaming Music or Movies, etc? Do you have a contract or pre-paid credit? Do you use Apple or Samsung Pay,or something like these? on your phone?? Do you worry about security on your phone? Do you have anti spyware on it? How often do you buy a new phone? Lots of people buy a new one as soon as it is released. What annoys you most about your phone? Mine biggest annoyance is how quickly the battery goes flat. Who is your Telco provider? Mine is Telstra as I have better coverage in Far West QLD.


  1 month ago
My smartphone is Samsung and mainly use it for text messaging and phone calls. My battery seems to go flat quickly too and I have pre paid. Reply


  1 month ago
This Christmas all of you could do yourself a favor and get more bangs for your dollars? So many people still do not understand about the differences between the Telstra Retail networks and the Telstra Wholesale network. For example both Aldi and Woolworths only have access to the Telstra wholesale network only, which means that they have less coverage that the actual Telstra Retail network,
There is still one alternative to teltra that also has access to the entire 3g and 4G telstra retail betwork, that is Boost Mobile, which means no matter where you are if telstra works there on 3 and 4 G, then the service will work just as good as telstra, plus you get more for your money with Boost.
For example a $200 yearly plan works out at just under $17 a month, you get unlimited calls and texts, you can call many other countries also for free plus you also get a generous 100gbs of mobile data for a year. With Boost you get the full speed of the 4G network, where the others off the telstra wholesale network is capped at 100 mbs. I know that you can even get over 200mbs on the tesltra network, as I have tested it on my phone with Boost, some areas may be slower if highly congested, I think not far in the future they may also be offering 5G
They are worth looking at


  1 month ago
Well last year I had brought a Xiaomi Mix3 5G really loved the phone, but it started dropping out calls every few minutes, everything else worked smoothly, it never dropped out of the Mobile Data side, and even connected to Bluetooth so fast. Because how much I loved this mobile that I had paid $599 for, I kept putting it off taking it back to Jb HIFI, when I finally took it back got a Realme 7 pro 5G mobile for $499, and they put the $100 back into my bank account. The realme phone was a total piece of rubbish, speakers were absolute rubbish. I brought mine and mum went down and brought one for herself, she had trouble getting the mobile data to work, in places that you would expect it to, such as Port Melbourne, Penrith. She still has hers. It was the final straw, when I got my flash glucose monitoring system, and the NFC would not even read the disc, I was trying to get another 2 for spares tried calling a pharmacy in a major shopping centre the phone speakers were very echoy. I had an appointment with Diabetes Tasmania to see if i am doing something wrong with it, even the person I had the meetting with did not know.
So I was going to buy another mobile, and if I had to would of paid much more than for the $499 crappy hopeless phone, went into the Hobart Store this time, and said to them I do miss my other phone, the only issue I had was calls dropping out, but other than that it would of been the best phone that I had ever owned. They told me that they have one or two left of the xiaomi's and are now reduced to $89 to clear, I brought that one, and I am so glad I did,once I put the glucose monitoring software on my mobile straight away it setup and read the disc the way it iss mean to. The next day I went to see them at our local Jb HIFI store who looked it up and said i am in the time fram if i want to take it back, so I went home pacjed the ruhhish up and took the realme back fort a full refund. So far this phone has not dropped a call.
I think when I ever upgrade again I may buy another one from this Chinese company again they have got a very good reputation, and their phones sell like hot cakes. Mine came on the market in 2019 and they were not that cheap at all, at $1399. I am lucky if any thing happends to it, such as accidental breakage I am covered by my insurance placement for new, and they would have to replace it with the same brand and equivalent one.


  1 month ago
My hubby and I share an iPhone8, we bought it second hand for QR code checking in purposes as neither of our other phones are Smart (especially mine which is a small Telstra phone with a tiny screen). Hubby is with Optus and he hates the iPhone, it seems to have a mind of its own! Reply


  1 month ago
Yes, I do have a Samung Galaxy 5g smartphone. This was a gift pags and it is waste as I only use if for the apps that we downloaded due to the virus and also for making phone calls and to send messages. I know I could do so much more with it but am way to lazy. Reply

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