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  1 month ago

Diplomatic Boycott of the Winter Olympics in China, Next Year.

The U.S.A, Australia, Italy and other Countries will be not sending any Government Representatives to the Winter Olympics, in China, next year. This is in protest to Chinese lack of human rights amongst other things. I think that the Chinese will not care less.The Games will still go ahead. I also think that this is so hypocritical, as most countries are willing to endorse Sporting Competitions in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other Arab Countries where Human Rights are non existent. Your thoughts please.


  1 month ago
Yep made to look like idiots again, reason 1 - you need to be invited to an event before you declare a diplomatic boycott. Reason 2 local human rights issues here at home are a disgrace and continue to be forced on the people. Reason 3 do you think China actually gives a shit if our government has representatives … Reason 4 this is not about Scomos crew it’s about athletes and the stars of each event where the spotlights shine when they represent their respective countries… who actually gives a stuff about any other attendees. Reply


  1 month ago
You are totally correct, time that these wankers do the same to other contrives such as Saudi Arabia, where human rights are even much worse than China's, they are so much hypocrites. Saudi Arabia its all about greed and oil, which is why they turn a blind eye. At least it is not against the law for gay people to be themselves in China, whilst in Saudi Arabia you are flogged and tortured if you are gay Reply


  1 month ago
Exactly as if anyone watching it will go "oh shame there are no official we really were looking forward to see them". Money and corruption in sport like politics are rife, and what about the soccer World Cup in Qatar next year, lets turn a blind eye to that Reply


  1 month ago
I agree with you totally. Reply


  1 month ago
You said it. They have deals with Saudi Arabia all over the place and yet single out China. And, seriously, many things happening in the USA (especially yo minority groups) could be considered abuses of human rights. It's just sabre-rattling, see who's got the biggest... yeah. But, yes, you nailed it. Reply

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