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  4 months ago

Accidently killing people

I have to say there is something wrong with some laws, I was astounded to hear on the news that a person who killed another person only got 2 years prison... I realise that there are grey areas in the law, this person was high on drugs when they tuned the radio and didn't see that a motorbike rider had stopped at a set of traffic lights and plowed into the bike killing the rider, not long ago another driver plowed into a car full of people that killed them all while doctor shopping and high on methadone, there was also the bloke who took photos of dead and dying police officers. Yet others who steal cars and think they are in some game like GTA and taunt police into a chase, plenty more that drive after losing their license. About time that laws are changed and that punishment reflects the crime rather than a slap on the wrist. And while we are at it, take a leaf from Qld prison system, where herion addicts are given methodone for the first 3 days in a harsh step down, they suffer withdrawals for sure but that cleans them, none of this giving them methodone in high doses called "Maintenance" like they do here in NSW.


  3 months ago
So much more needs to be done surrounding laws and with the punishments that are handed down.


  4 months ago
Look , i agree 100% on you're sentiment , but the law must look more into societal problems a lot more . I cite the example of the 9 year old girl from GC , cared for by her grandparents , they have given her clearance to visit her mother in the Blue Mountains , the upshot of this is the mother has been jailed for drug addiction , and driving while under the influence of drugs , which resulted in a crash that killed 2 of her friends . Her fiance who is not the biological father of the girl , is a drug dealer and user also spent time in gaol . I don't know whether you see a pattern here , but these sort of crimes involving cruelty , torture , lack of care and manslaughter or murder , is all too prevalent . Why can't the law do something to track down the fathers , who have left town once pregnancy is involved , he then moves to another town and repeats his actions , the women are left to defend for themselves , emotionally , financially , mentally . All we do is provide a single mother benefit , until she hooks up with another loser , who does the same thing as the original father or , gets in a rage having to look after someone else's kid , and then the abuse starts ! There must be a way where these low life skipper's can be hunted down and brought to account , firstly for dereliction of duties , abandonment , fraud , impersonation , theft .


  4 months ago
The law definitely needs a shake up m. What you have stated, I feel, is true. There seems to be a lot of inconsistency with the law and I feel that we should be having a commission into this. Did not know about Queensland giving heroin addicts this. Very interesting and if it works would far outweigh the outdated system of having the use of high doses of Methadone me thinks. Good topic!


  4 months ago
Totally agree. It seems that playing the mental health card or the dependency card gets people of the hook. How would these people like it if it happened to one of their loved ones?

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