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  4 months ago

I Am Wondering.

The reports on the death of the little girl in the Blue Mountains has me wondering, why is it that most deaths or abuse on youngsters is done by the live in boyfriend, de facto or step-father. Is is jealousy? Are they just mongrels anyhow? I have often said this to my husband. I must say that female partners are guilty of these crimes, but not nearly as much.Also many woman know that their partners are abusing their kids but do nothing. A horrible subject, I know but a very topical one. I am very interested in you replies.


  3 months ago
Women do it as well, but we rarely hear about it, so disgusting


  3 months ago
A very hard subject and all I know is there are so many sad and terrible situations and things that occur which bring tears to my eyes.


  4 months ago
I believe these a##holes deliberately target single mothers as they have their own income from the government and are generally set up in their own homes with a fridge, tv and bed they can just move in on. They are clever in telling the mums what the mums want to hear and the mums become suckers for the attention they are receiving. Can only keep up the act for so long.....


  4 months ago
I agree with all that has been said. It does go on a lot. Who will know until we hear from the court hearing what has happened. I do know that if my girls had a stepfather, which they did and were adopted by him, if he had raised one hand to them he would have been told to go. I feel that some of these women put their needs first rather than their children's. My opinion. RIP little Charlise.


  4 months ago
I tend to agree pags, I have wondered this myself. In this case I have wondered why Charlise was living with her grandma. Poor little soul, my heart aches for her. RIP.


  4 months ago
Don't know honestly Pagalu. I often wonder that as well. Yes it's a mix of jealousy and they are also mongrels. I don't know what goes through their heads to make them do these kinds of things to sweet little innocent children not just this little girl. I hope this sicko gets locked up for life and is never allowed to do anything like this ever again.


  4 months ago
I think there is a lot more to this story, why was she living with her Grandma? RIP Charlise.

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