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  5 months ago

Straya Day … What made it great and what made it deflate?

I had a phone call today from my childhood girlfriend. It was so wonderful to laugh and chat with her. The connection made my day.
We are going to have a sleepover and have a pillow fight soon. No I am not juvenile.

The deflation came when I tried to post “Summer Breeze” by Seal and Crofts but Toluna won’t let me. To me it epitomised a day like today; warm but a lovely cool breeze wafting in. We used to call it the Fremantle Doctor which sprang up in the afternoon. Now it seems more Southern in the morning and swings more easterly in the afternoon. It’s the dreaded climate change which we blame for everything. Perhaps the weather will change despite humanity… I mean look at the dinosaur; they didn’t burn any fossil fuels to keep warm yet they still got wiped out. Makes you wonder eh?

One power ball I mean one meteor I’m outta here…


  5 months ago
Fantastic news Qt with your friend. It will be wonderful catching up and having that pillow fight. lol. Yes, I remember it being called the Fremantle Doctor so well too. You waited for it to come in on a very hot day. Have a great day.


  5 months ago
It sounds like that phone call was very special and I am glad it made your day. Catching up with friends is a lovely thing to do and I hope you have a great day today qt.


  5 months ago
ABC Australia Day Tele cast.
A bit of a Resurged of has been entertainers.
However Isaiah down on the Apostles in Vic was a breath of fresh are.


  5 months ago
I am so thankful that I live in Australia and nowhere else in the world. People forget how lucky we are and how much freedom we have to live our lives exactly how we choose, unlike so many other countries ie. China, Russia etc.


  5 months ago
Spending time with family was the best part of Australia Day. Everyone was trying to "out-ocker" each other at one stage and the laughs that ensued were priceless. Over the top Aussie-isms, jokes, boganism, and singing great Aussie songs together, I had the best day with the best people.


  5 months ago
No idea.

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