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  4 months ago

Is expensive milk worth the cost?

So, what's the difference between expensive milk and cheap milk? Not much.
CALIFORNIA, USA — The milk inside the grocery store bottle isn't all that different despite the price you pay, the packaging it comes in, and the marketing behind it.

ABC10 spoke with experts in the dairy industry, agricultural economics, and nutrition to see how much of a factor the quality of milk plays in the grocery store price.
The main difference you'll see in regard to milk is the packaging on the bottle.

When you see a local creamery milk brand selling for more than a generic or store brand, it could be attributed to extra costs that local creamery has that the supermarket plant doesn't. Also, the store brand could just be priced lower to sell better, and the local creamery could be priced higher due to the added cost of providing it on the shelf.

All in all, the composition of the milk being sold doesn't have much to do with its price. That extra cost is usually the packaging, marketing, or even support for a local business, which to Sumner are still elements that matter to consumers.

“We know that people buy specific products for lots of reasons,” said Sumner “So, I might buy a local peach because I just like seeing peach orchards bloom in the spring and figure the only way to keep them around is to buy their products.

"Similarly, you may buy some expensive brand because you like the look of the label. Fine, it’s your choice,” Sumner added. “People differ, which is why we have lots of options in the market.”
The bottom line for milk is that it is highly nutritious, regardless of whether you’re buying the store brand or a name brand. They all meet the same state-required nutritional standards.

“It’s very much about what is the value to you individually and what differences do you perceive, but I think the pure science would suggest that if you’re just looking for the nutrients that milk delivers you do well even with a less expensive brand,” said Schiek

I always buy cheaper milk brand, I compare prices. What about you? Is there a certain milk brand you find it taste better than any other brands?


  4 months ago
Do you think there are some products which are worth shelling out the extra cost for?


  4 months ago
Do you think there are some products which are worth shelling out the extra cost for?


  4 months ago
I was always buying the cheapest brand until it started tasting like it has been diluted.


  4 months ago
I buy any milk , the brand is not important


  4 months ago
I buy the cheapest. I don't see any difference in the various milks.


  4 months ago
Milk is milk to me so I pick the cheaper one

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