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  1 month ago

Do you donate to Charity? Do you really know if the cause is really helping the actual people that you are donating money for?

For many years I have never donated actual money to any charities as such, as a pensioner I like to know where my money is going to, and I am not going to pay any charity, so the money actually goes into their own administration. I think major charities should be cutting the amount that they take in administration costs, when they are collecting multi millions of dollars, and have a charity side of themselves, too many charities are greedy when major events happen and fund raising.

It is so disusing that children will raid their piggy banks and donate what they have, when the amounts they donate will not be going to the people, but gobbled up by greedy charities. The Red Cross is very known for this.

A report done by Channel 10, which I think is pretty well accurate. Many people living in Mallacoota and around that area, are still living in Caravans and Tents, and so many people have virtually got nothing from the tens of millions of dollars that Red Cross had raised, again people donated, and expected that the money that they had donated, that most of it would go to the people in need, which is the reason they donated. I had donated some points on here for the Ukraine cause, will Red Cross be doing the same, with all the money that we and Tolna have donated, most been swindled in administration charges and not going to the actual people?

The heading of this artcile reads do not donate to these charities.

Red Cross raised $95 million dollars, they only allocated $30 million dollars to fire relief. They intend to hold money for future disasters and only approved 559 grants. This should be totally illegal, and the money raised should be going to the victims of these fires, and not kept for something else, that has nothing to do with the reason it was raised. They have done this too many times.

Salvation Army raised $40 million, and only handed over $5million.

St Vincent De Pauls raised $12.5 million and only spent $1 million dollars.

What a total joke, the articles also said if I had donated to any of these charities, whgich he hasent, He would be demanding his money back, so would I. I have to also agree with this guy, not sure his name as I had seen this post on Facebook, it is so disgusting, and appalling as so many people are still living in tent, caravans, some may be staying with relatives and friends making those homes over crowded. Time that these charities start acting like a charity, rather than a total conjob, and start building and helping these communities so they all have a roof over their head.

Your Thoughts

I prefer to donate items and or my time at least I have a idea where that is going, which is the reason I do not donate, it also pissed me off with charities who pressure vulnerable people into signing up monthly direct debit arrangements, as manu of these people do not understand things and so do not leave enough money in their accounts to cover these and get a dishonor fee, this is totally disgusting


  1 month ago
I get my yearly fistful of Raffle Tickts from the local Lions Club, never expect to win so consider that a Donation as I know they are genuine in what they do for the Community. Would probably donate it back to them, what would I do with a big trailer load of stuff I already have, all very good mind you and am sure some needier person would welcome them. Reply


  1 month ago
I donate to clarity..those whom deserve it charity have too many pockets to fill Reply


  1 month ago
Like di I donate goods to charity shops, I also donate to medical research by Peter Mac Foundation, they are doing a lot of good work and keep you well informed. Reply


  1 month ago
I donate goods to the op shops I have done this all my life to help others. I give food to family, friends and foodbanks when i can do it. I do this because I didn't have a lot growing up and I we were in need and got help sometimes. This is my way of giving back. However we don't donate money anymore because it doesn't get to the people. It's shameful that these charities do this to others they are saying that they are helping. Reply

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