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Hi Bill. Thanks for your message and good wishes. Your Lucky Peak State Park sounds nice and appropriately named with a horseshoe shaped beach. I enjoy going to the state parks with my family, and have been to dozens of them over the years throughout NYS. They are always well taken care of, unique, and beautiful. Stony Point, upstate, has a lighthouse and revolutionary encampments on occasion. A local state park has paddle boat and rowboat rentals in the summer. The Mets were snowed out in Colorado, so I am not surprised to hear that it is so cold in Idaho. We are expecting temperatures close to 90 this week-end. Have a great week-end and take care! 12 hours ago


Thank you for your post, Bill and for your thoughts. Yesterday was pretty warm, but a chilly wind came up overnight and it's rather cool this morning--not to mention the wind. I live down near the Delta, and most of the fires are at least 60 miles away from me. Windchill of 32 is BRRRRR! Enjoy your weekend! 21 hours ago


Good afternoon Bill. I got your new one and properly too. lol I am doing well. Hope all is well with you. Didn't flash my debit card for breakfast but will for groceries after a while. lol I dread going to the store. Everything keeps going up. Our gas went from $3.94 to $4.39 a gallon. It's just sickening what Biden has done to this country. I will stay indoors as much as I can with this heat wave. Supposed to be about 92-95 tomorrow. It's cold and windy where you are. You could use some real global warming right now. lol Bette Midler is nothing but an idiot. I can't stand her. Of course they blame Carlson for the Buffalo shooting. How come they don't talk about the murders in Chicago? I never hear they say anything about that. I am getting my radio brainwashing too. lol Have a good day. 1 day ago


Hi Bill. I don't think I'll be spending much time outside today! I woke up early and went outside for a couple of hours around 7:00, right after I got through posting here on Toluna. It was nice then but it's quickly warming up. I'll be glad to make a mini-snowman if you'll send some snow this way :-) It's not just one person who is using my husband's credit card number. There were too many grocery stores in too many different areas of the country (about 25 transactions or attempts). Since they don't have the physical card, I think they ordered groceries online and either used curbside pickup or delivery. (Although you would think the Kroger in Texas would question 14 different deliveries to one home in just two days unless they have lots of cousins they let use the card and had deliveries to different homes.) We think someone somehow stole the number and then sold the number on the black market to several others. That's what happens most often. Buying gas would be hard, too, since you would need a physical card to do that. Hope you have a great weekend! At least you can do something outside even if it's chilly. 1 day ago


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