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31% 1647 votes
69% 3717 votes
5365 people voted
Yes, I love Zen philosophy 857 votes

Yes, I love Zen philosophy
Yes, I would like to try it 1521 votes

Yes, I would like to try it
No, I couldn't life in a simple way, I need more 1256 votes

No, I couldn't life in a simple way, I need more
No, what would I do with all the things I already have? 751 votes

No, what would I do with all the things I already have?
I don't know, I would like to know more 980 votes

I don't know, I would like to know more
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  New lifestyle? It's a normal way of life, when you're drowning in the lower demographic pool, on a Disability Pension


  No thank you


  I already do live that way ... and its called poverty. Some of us have no choice but to live with very little.


  I could live without clothes, but I'd find it hard to live without my macbook!!!


  it also has 1.,001 downsides that i could fill 100Mb of my PC


  I love the philosophy but wouldn't be washing clothes every few days! Think of the water, time and soap, lol! Minimalising our dependency on materialism would be good, as buying new things only satisfies many people for a short time & most people have tons of unused items cluttering their homes when so many on the earth have almost nothing, some not even the bare essentials. Islanders & villagers in remote settlements are united as a large supportive group and rely on the support of each other, rather than money and mortages! They all help to build a house for a new couple, feed each other and look out for all the children... maybe they do have the right idea?


  it appears like them placing devotion to money as their God, you may as well turn back time and be like Jesus with rags and a pair of sandals. So how does he service a car, wash and polish it, tools to do odd jobs around the house/flat, we have more than 25 things in each cupboard that are exceptionally needy, my tool box would have over 1,000 things. Toiletries and cleaning products are many, Gardening tools, reticulation repairs etc, is he nothing but a mouse living in a glorified shoe box ? Those mice steal from everyone else for needs. Good luck to him. Parasites don't know they have a mental problem.


  I would like to try it, as well as living in a Tiny House - that's becoming popular too!

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