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35% 421 votes
65% 783 votes
1204 people voted
Yes, without a second thought! 682 votes

Yes, without a second thought!
No, sorry but I need the money 168 votes

No, sorry but I need the money
I really don't know. I'd need some time to decide what to do 354 votes

I really don't know. I'd need some time to decide what to do
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Micmac38 this money hot and had to be smuggled out for illegal purposes overseas?


  Yes, without a second thought...BUT was what he was trying to do illegal? I thought there were restrictions on how much cash anyone can take out of, or bring into, Australia and many other countries. Why did this man want to take Cash? Why not safely transfer the money from his bank to his daughter's in Europe?


  Bad Karma to keep what isn't yours.


  That's too much money to just pick up. anything less than $50 is acceptable because anyone can claim to own it, but that much would probably be for a specific purpose. I'd feel horribly guilty holding onto it.


  Deliberately breaking someones heart by keeping the loss of someone else is un-Christian "greed" as you have agreed to live in this country by the "Laws of NKJV of the Bible 1611". Whether you are aware or not, it is cast in stone and cannot be changed. You are compelled to live according to the rules "ab initio". Take heed that you may be caught with marked / dyed drug money, jailed, visa cancelled, deported or other. Please be a good Christian ?


  Stealing by finding is a Federal Offence, because assuming the ownership of the CROWNS promissory notes is fraud, even notifying your intent to keep it is fraud. Very similar to attempted Bank robbery and successful bank robbery, then both carry the same penalty. Retaining it is fraud, spending it of not is immaterial..By not returning it instantly to the Police, determines you a crook by mere possession.


  If you spent it then you are actually committing a crime, you have to try to return it, and or take it to the police, and if not claimed within a certain time frame, then you can claim it

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