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32% 605 votes
68% 1283 votes
1888 people voted
Ask him what's wrong 609 votes

Ask him what's wrong
Walk right by, it's not my problem 67 votes

Walk right by, it's not my problem
Try to help him find his parents 1078 votes

Try to help him find his parents
Tell him to stop crying 15 votes

Tell him to stop crying
Find another person to help 41 votes

Find another person to help
I don't know what I'd do 78 votes

I don't know what I'd do
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  I will find them for him, cant be that hard to track them down in this day and age


  As a male in this increasingly anti-male society I would have to be very careful. Men have been given such a bad name that any man, particularly if wearing a dog-collar, (I don't) seen with a child who is not his own and if that child is crying he would immediately be accused of molesting that child. I would ask another couple (M&F) to stay with the child until I could find a Female Police officer accompanied by a Male officer. That is the sad part about Australia today, thanks to a relatively few evil monsters every male is immediately suspect - just remember the next time you go to church (I don't) that if the congregation is, say, 300 - it is estimated that, at least 30 of those adult men & women are "Kiddie fiddlers" (Paedophiles currently molesting their own children or others.


  I have been in this predicament when I was awaiting a bus to get home. A little 4 yr old boy (6 yrs ago now) was wandering the footpath in Dee Why NSW and it distressed me that he was alone. So I asked him if he was ok and where his parent was. She was in a shop...but not exactly the closest to where he or I were. So I just waited near to where he was until she came back. There is no way I would catch the bus if he was not able to be with her again.


  This happened to me. I came across a sixteen year old girl sitting on the floor of a phone box crying and distressed. I stopped and asked if she was alright and she said no her parents had thrown her out of the house after an argument. She had called a friend who was driving to her to pick her up. It would take about 30 minutes and it was getting dark and cold. This was next to a main road. She didn't want to go home so I said I would wait with her until her friend arrived which I did. I gave her my coat from the car but thought it best not to ask her to sit in the car. We waited together and talked generally until her friend arrived, I gave her my phone number, $10 and told her to call me if she needed. She kept the coat and drove off with her friend. I didn't hear from her and just hoped she was alright. She only gave me her Christian name so couldn't follow up.


  Always ask what is wrong first

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