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REWARDS CENTREAll that hard work is paying off


Gift cards and other stuff 15,000-150,000 points
+ 15 more
Show all You can afford
Ammado Donation - 5 AUD 15000 points
iOS app - Card Wars-Adventure Time 15000 points
iOS app - Grand Theft Auto III 20000 points
iOS app - Lego Marvel Super Heroes 20000 points
iOS app - Need for Speed Most Wanted 20000 points
iOS app - Call of Duty: Strike Team 27000 points
iOS app - Minecraft 27000 points
iSubscribe - 10 AUD 30000 points - 10 AUD 30000 points
WOW HD - 20 AUD 60000 points
EFTPOS - 20 AUD 60000 points
PayPal - 20 AUD 60000 points
iTunes - 20 AUD 60000 points
Hoyts - 30 AUD 90000 points
Flight Centre - 30 AUD 90000 points
Mitre 10 - 30 AUD 90000 points
Wish eGift Card - 40 AUD 120000 points
Prepaid VISA - 50 AUD 150000 points
Coles Group & Myer - 50 AUD 150000 points
David Jones - 50 AUD 150000 points
Wish Gift Card - 50 AUD 150000 points
Toys"R"Us - 50 AUD 150000 points


Your chance to win big 500-1,000 points
Monthly Prize Draw
Prize Draw: LED 60 in TV
Monthly Prize Draw 500 points Feeling lucky
Prize Draw: LED 60 in TV 1000 points Feeling lucky


Virtual gifts that can become real 50-500 points What are Gifties?

The Gifties program is Toluna's exclusive instant win game, where you can redeem a small number of points for the chance to win big! Each virtual Giftie represents a real item, that could be yours. Send a virtual Giftie to a friend, follower or even yourself, and then click to instantly reveal whether you win the prize! Gifties winners are chosen at random by computer generated drawing, and a Gifties purchase does not guarantee a win. By participating you agree to the Gifties Terms and Conditions.

+ 35 more
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  • Easter Goodies Set

    A colourful chocolate surprise full of delicious and cute characters to enjoy over Easter.
    Get it

    100 points
  • Bunny Easter Gift

    This delightful Easter gift includes a cute Bunny Rabbit, chocolates and a scented candle.
    Get it

    100 points
  • Kindle Fire

    Take hundreds of books with you anywhere! You can also experience videos, apps, games, and more on a stunning HD...
    Get it

    450 points
  • Football Donation 50 points
    Donate a Duck 50 points
  • Emergency Relief Donation 50 points
    Measles Vaccine Donation 50 points
  • Easter Goodies Set 100 points
    Bunny Easter Gift 100 points
  • Teddy Bear 100 points
    Hug Me Cushion 100 points
  • Rose petal lip balm 100 points
    Jurlique Shower Gel 100 points
  • Body Shop Gift Card 100 points
    Chocolate Fondue Set 100 points
  • Mitre10 Gift Card 150 points
    Poppy King's Lipstick 150 points
  • Chocolate 150 points
    Birthday Cake 150 points
  • Winnie The Pooh Plush 150 points
    Monopoly Board Games 150 points
  • BestRestaurants Gift Card 150 points
    Romance Bath Set 150 points
  • Myer Gift Card 150 points
    iTunes Gift Card 150 points
  • Dan Murphy Gift Card 150 points
    Toys R'Us Gift Card 150 points
  • Angry Bird Plush 150 points
    David Jones Gift Card 150 points
  • Max Brenner Hug Mug... 150 points
    Hoyts Gift Card 200 points
  • Universal Prepaid... 200 points
    Sony Headphones 250 points
  • Flower Bouquet 250 points
    Ticketek Gift Voucher 250 points
  • QuickSilver Gift Card 250 points
    WB Movie World Pass Adult 250 points
  • PayPal Cash $50 300 points
    Coles Express Gift Card 300 points
  • iSuper Helicopter 300 points
    Ray Ban Sunglasses 300 points
  • Country Road Gift Card 300 points
    A spa getaway 400 points
  • Canon Digital Camera 400 points
    Kindle Fire 450 points
  • Flight Centre Gift Card 500 points
    Sony PS Vita 500 points
  • Nespresso Coffee Machine 500 points
45 Gifties available


yougzdu67 1/03/2015 Won Loterie Toluna Février 2015
topgun6857 1/03/2015 Won Loterie Toluna Février 2015
taqta 1/03/2015 Won Loteria Toluna de Febrero 2015
Sweepstakes Gifties View all winners
yougzdu67 1/03/2015 Won Loterie Toluna Février 2015
topgun6857 1/03/2015 Won Loterie Toluna Février 2015
taqta 1/03/2015 Won Loteria Toluna de Febrero 2015
sohelede 1/03/2015 Won Toluna Februari 2015 Lotteri
sinviguy 1/03/2015 Won Toluna 2015 년 2 월 경품 추첨
my61 1/03/2015 Won Loterie Toluna Février 2015

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